Horsing around! ;)

Yay! Me posing with Remmy, my mother's new Quarter Horse! She is 5 years old and such a cutie! Very playful! :) Saturday was my mom's birthday, so my sister and I went to visit her!
Here is a cake her fiance ordered secretly at a French bakery in downtown Martinez. This was an amazing cake! There was a thin layer of raspberry jam stuff, almond cream, custard, and then the cake part itself was very fluffy and sweet! I especially loved the Almond cream! Yum!

Hahahaha, this is the cake my sis and I brought her since we didn't know that Ian had gotten her a cake as a surprise. It's the vanilla bourbon cake mix from Trader Joe's with homemade Chocolate icing and sprinkles. I personally really like it; it's light and tasty! We didn't have time to make a cake by scratch, but this turned out well anyway.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer for my little sister, who just finished her sophomore year of high school! I'm glad she's done with school because now I have someone who can drive me around and go on bike rides with me! :D It has been a busy weekend for us. On Friday my dad went out of town on a mini-vacation with his best friend and I went to Stockton to spend the day with Andrew. My poor sister Fiona had the car, but had to spend her day alone.

I had a wonderful day on Friday! Being with Andrew felt soooo good! We drove by UOP and I was kind of sad.....I do miss it a lot! Stockton has really grown on me to the point where I really miss living there and I can't wait to go back to school. I have so many special memories there. His mom made some of her awesome fried rice, so it was my lucky day! ;)

Saturday was my mother's birthday so after Fiona and I took my grandmother shopping we went out to lunch, and then got ready to go see her. My dad had given me some money for food, so I wanted to treat Fiona to lunch because she was bummed that the school year was over. We went to a nice place called The Metro in Lafayette and had a pleasant lunch. :)
Fiona ordered the fish tacos, which she loves! I am not sure what kind of fish is in it, but it did taste a bit fishy when I tried them. The salad had a simple almost sour dressing on it, but still tasted all right. I gave her most of my fries and she gave me most of her salad.
I ordered the Croque Madame sandwich, which was an open-face sandwich with cheese, ham, bechamel sauce, and an egg over bread. It was good and not too filling or heavy. It came out to about $14 with the egg, which I think is pricey. The fries were oh so good!! Salty, crunchy, and light!

For dessert we ordered the profiteroles, which came with four. However, we were so excited to eat this that we scarfed down two before I could take a picture! :) Vanilla gelato was sandwiched between pastries and the drizzled chocolate sauce was dark and rich! This was a perfect dessert for sharing!

This bowl of noodle soup was made by me and my dad last Thursday for lunch. We had noodles for lunch most of last week since we were trying to get over a nasty cold. This was really good, except we didn't have enough homemade chicken broth left. But, it turned out delicious anyway! And it looks so pretty too!

This is a pizza my dad made on......hmmmm...I think it might have been last weekend sometime.....oh well! I didn't try this one, but my sister liked it. I don't know why the lighting is all yellow....
I ate most of this pizza and it was good!! Full of mushrooms, salami, and veggies.
I am not too sure about what is going on this week. I know my dad and I have to go back to work, which I am glad about since I like working. :) Otherwise, I want my bike to be fixed so I can go on bike rides with Fiona soon! I might see some of my old friends this week, and maybe go shopping with Fiona downtown. Andrew might be coming this week to visit me here, but it isn't for sure yet, but I hope he can!! The weather is supposed to become nicer by the end of the week. :) I want to go on a walk with Andrew again and take pictures this time since my camera now has good batteries!

The Metro's website: metrolafayette.com


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