Korean Meat Dumpling Soup!

Things have been rather chill at home so yesterday my dad asked me if I wanted to cook anything special. He was going to the grocery store with my grandmother and wanted to know if I needed anything. I grabbed some of our many cookbooks from the overcrowded living room bookshelves and paged through them, yet nothing called to me. I then went over to our awesome Asian food cookbook and opened it up to a random page. Lo and behold it was the recipe for this soup! I had been wanting to make this soup for a long time now, so it was fun to finally do it! :)
Here is a pic of the dumplings bubbling in the broth. This soup isn't necassarily difficult to make, but it has a lot of different parts to it, such as the dumpling filling, broth, and then actually filling the dumplings. It's a lot of hard work. I need to make it again, since I had a couple of mishaps. I should have made more broth, but the amount I did make was fine for the three of us. The broth was sooooo tasty though! It was a beef broth with chopped green onions, lots of slivered ginger, and soy sauce. So simple yet so refreshing! The ginger tasted incredible in it! The dumplings kind of exploded on me.........they really puffed out! I think I might have cooked them in the soup a little too long, but they were fine. My dad and I had a hard time filling them and closing the dumpling wrappers.

Here is the finished soup! Some of the dumplings fell apart, making their filling of pork, beef, green onions, chinese cabbage, and sesame seeds spill into the broth. Yet that didn't deter from the deliciousness of the soup at all! :)

Yay! My dad happily slurping away at my soup! He and my sister loved it!! :D The broth was so fragrant from the ginger and oh so flavorful! It wasn't overly salty either, since I used low sodium beef broth. :) Healthy!!

I am bummed that this pic is blurry. But its still cute! There's me and my dad toasting my yummy success! :) I just wish Andrew could have tried it, but I will make it again for him and it will be even better! :D
Today I went to church with my dad for Father's Day, which made him really happy. :) My sister and I bought him kitchen stuff, which he loves receiving! Later today we are going to go to my grandma's house for an early dinner. I just finished doing a monster load of laundry.....and I should probably go fold said laundry! :) Hope you all enjoyed this post!!!


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