A Morning in Berkeley!

Yesterday my sister and I spent the morning in Berkeley while my dad went to the theological library to stock up on more books for his research. We were there before 11, so many of the stores and cafes weren't open. Many summer students were roaming the streets and campus, which made me want to go back to Pacific! UC Berkeley's campus feels so collegiate and inspiring; I would love to take summer classes there but they are ridiculously expensive. :/

After we walked down Telegraph Avenue for a bit, my sister and I stopped in The Musical Offering classical music shoppe and cafe. It's across the street from Sprawl Plaza, so it has a very convenient location. In the picture above I am contemplating Bach. :D
Here is the cafe's delicious strawberry lemonade! I like to get this whenever I go; it's very fresh and sweet! The cafe also serves lunch and dinner entrees for very reasonable prices. They have sandwiches, soups, salads, and then fancier dishes for dinner. There are also lots of homemade pastries and cakes! The brownies are very rich and chocolatey! Here is a picture of the music shoppe portion of the cafe. It's full of great recordings and music by many different composers and styles. The prices aren't too bad; they sometimes have CDs on sale.

After we relaxed at the cafe for a bit, we then decided to walk back through the campus to the library. It was a lovely day, if a bit hot, so it was a pleasant walk. :)


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