Pizza galore!

Yesterday for lunch, my dad made pizza! It was such a treat! He had already been in the kitchen all morning working hard on making chili, so the fact that he made pizza too made me so happy! The pizza pictured above was my dad's pizza, with pepperoni, olives, basil leaves, cheese, ham, and a tomato on it.

The above pizza was mine! SO GOOD! My pizza had an egg in the middle (yay!), ham, pepperoni, basil leaves, cheese, and mushrooms. I really enjoyed it!

This was my sister's pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, and basil leaves. She wanted to have a healthy pizza. ;)
The pizza tasted awesome, but it had a special twist to it. My dad used whole weat flour to make the dough with, so the crust tasted different. It didn't fluff up as much, but it had an almost chewy, tasty texture. I really liked the wheat crust!

My dad made homemade hummus on Thursday and it's really good! He put garbanzo beans, tahini sauce, lemon juice, and some spices into a food processor, and voila! You get hummus! :) You are then supposed to put some droplets of olive oil on it and sprinkle some paprika. I photographed it next to my sunflowers because they are so lovely!

Oooo, we just had some of these Cheddar Drop Biscuits for lunch! These were really good! I haven't had biscuits in a while, so this was a nice treat! My dad heated up some of his chili for himself and my sister, while I made myself a burger. A yummy and filling lunch!

Tonight I plan to make Korean Meat Dumpling Soup. The recipe seems really simple; it's like Won Ton soup in beef broth with lots of green onions. The dumplings have almost the same filling as Japanese gyoza too. Soup sounds good because the weather turned a little chilly again.......the clouds are out! My sister cajolled me into going tanning with her for a little bit before lunch, so I guess it's good we did it before the clouds rolled in.

It was funny because we saw so many cats just wandering around; they are all so cute! I've realized that I really like tuxedo cats, since they remind of a cat we used to have at my mother's house...I miss that cat. But, I have my wonderful Scooter! :)
Oooo, funny story! My sister and I walked to the grocery store yesterday morning to get groceries for the pizza. On our way back home on the trail, we saw a group of little boys with their mom walking a dog. The part of their conversation we overheard went like this:
"Vampires are real!"
"Vampires are not real."
"Ghosts are real too!"
"Ghosts are soooo not real!"
It was really cute and amusing! We also saw a super tiny frog hopping on the side of the trail! I kinda wanted to catch it for fun, but it was too small and fast for me. I was able to touch it a little bit though, haha. :D I love that there is so much nature on my trail!


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