Satring at the Sky---Opy version :)

In response to this:

In the depths of sleep I lay
while you, somewhere far away
wait up to see the sun rise
a ritual from the beginning of time

the sun crowns the sky
golden resplendence fills up your eyes
Your empty hands I would have filled with my own
and given you love so you wouldn't have been alone

Gold breaks through a sky of onyx
shattering the promise of darkness
the smile of dawn shines down
upon everyone sleeping in their towns

except for you, my love
curious as a lion cub
you stayed up to watch a display of divinity
and I wish I could have been there to see
the first delicate rays of sunlight reflecting
in your beautiful eyes

This is my first attempt at rhyming in a long time! It's dedicated to my love! Hope you like it!! :D


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