4th of July!

On Sunday my family got together to celebrate the 4th of July! My sister wasn't there since she was at her friend's lakehouse for a few days, but otherwise my grandmother, aunt, dad, 4 Chinese cousins, myself, and my aunt's friend were there. I was a bit lonely since I was missing Andrew, and I am so used to being with my sister on those family parties. However, it ended being a fun time.

Earlier that day, my dad and I went to the Farmer's Market downtown! It was not too hot, and many people were milling around, peering at vegetables and fruits. So many people were selling blueberries! It made me think of my love! :)
For lunch, my dad wanted to invent something to surprise me! He used the new carrots we bought, some chicken, and egg noodles. The chicken and carrots were cooked in a soy sauce/ginger sauce. It was tasty and delicious!

We went to my aunt's house around 4, and we talked a bit. My aunt lives near my old elementary school, and I really wanted to walk down there and take some pictures of it for old time's sake. Two of my cousins came along for the walk, which was rather pleasant.
My first grade classroom was down this corridor. :)

I thought these flowers were so lovely! I love the deep fiery colors!

I ran into two of my best friends while walking back to my aunt's house and they stopped to chat. That was really funny! I was a bit sad though because they are remodeling the field and play structures at the elementary school, so everything looked so empty and dirty. I miss how it used to look, but oh well.

Dinner was good; we had steaks that were barbecued and mine was well-done, just how I like it. They were tender and seemed to melt in your mouth. Delicious! My dad brought a homemade pesto pasta salad that was full of flavor, and everyone liked it. It was simple, which was nice.
After dinner, my cousins started jumping on the trampoline and begged me to go jump on there too! It was crazy! I hadn't been on one for ages, so I had to get used to it! I was able to jump rather high! :D

I also showed everyone my promise ring, and they all thought it was so lovely and sweet! I am so proud of it! <3


  1. awwwwww bbe i wish i could have been there! looks like u had a gewd one!!! <3

  2. how do you have chinese cousins?!


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