5 Months!!! <3

Friday and Saturday were the best days of my life so far. Andrew came over to my place to spend the night and celebrate our 5 month anniversary! We hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks because he was busy, and it was so special to be with him again. :) It was truly wonderful! I am so full of love for him!
On Friday afternoon we went downtown to get promise rings! We tried on quite a few, and luckily we found these, which are perfect! They look nice, they suit us, and they fit perfectly! They have a lovely swirly pattern that reminds me of roots, which is meaningful to us. :) I love my ring so much! It makes me feel so good and loved!
After we first picked Andrew up from the Amtrak station Friday morning, we stopped by a little roadside farm stand to pick up some fresh veggies. I saw these large bouquets of sunflowers and got excited! Andrew and I picked out the bouquet with the biggest sunflower! It's so cheerful! (by the way, some of the pictures I am using in this entry were taken by Andrew :D)

My dad made homemade hummus also, and Andrew loved it! It was very delicious; my dad used fresh lemon juice instead of the store-bought lemon juice and it added a fresher flavor to it. Yum!

After we went to get our lovely rings, we stopped by Green Tea Cafe for a drink to wait for my friends. They wanted to meet Andrew, and it was fun! Andrew ordered an Almond milk with coffee jelly and I ordered the mango slush. He enjoyed his drink, and the coffee jelly had a strong flavor, but I don't think it was caffeinated.
For dinner, my dad made a Southern French style soup called Soup de Pistou. It was filled with potatoes, kidney beans, peas, and bacon. Also, there is a basil paste that you spoon on top of the soup to mix in, which added a kick to the soup! It was very good; Andrew enjoyed this so much he had it for breakfast (along with one of my homemade bagels) the next morning! :D

Now, this is special. Andrew's favorite fruit is blueberries, so I wanted to bake him something with blueberries. I wanted to try something different instead of a tart or muffins, so I searched online for a good recipe. I then stumbled upon a recipe on
http://thym.blogspot.com/2008/07/greedily-blissfully-peacefully-goulment.html . The cake turned out delicous! It is moist and dense, so it needs to be eaten in thin slices. It has a fresh citrusy taste because of the lemon and orange zest, and the blueberries are so sweet! Andrew took some home, then my dad gave some to my grandmother, and I have some left to enjoy too. :) It's a cake that makes me smile.
The monkeys are my new friends! Andrew got them for me; he has some at his house too! :D They are joining Tofu and Ume on my bed! They are so fun to cuddle with, and they remind me of Andrew, which makes me happy! He also wrote a beautiful and sweet love letter that I will treasure always. He even learned a Korean bossa nova song just for me! This weekend was full of music! :) I was so happy to hear him play for me; I truly love that!

On Saturday, we were invited to one of my dad's friend's beach house at Stinson Beach for a barbecue. I was excited because I really wanted to show Stinson Beach to Andrew, since I have been going there since I was a child. The picture above is of a bean salad that Andrew adored. It was a warm yet cloudy day, and the beach was really lovely. We walked along the water and looked for cool rocks!

My dad took some photos of us on the beach, and they turned out really nice! It was so romantic and fun, walking along the beach with him~~ <3

Hopefully later this week I will go see him in Stockton to meet his half-siblings! I love meeting more of his family; that's really important to me. I want to bring them something delicious, so I am thinking of making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The recipe I have comes from one of my dad's cookbooks and it is really good! I am so excited!

I really had a amazing two days with him. I am sad that it's over, but I feel very happy and excited about the future! To love someone and be loved by that person in return is such a gift, and I am so happy to have Andrew in my life. :) He is extremely important to me, and it's so nice to see him becoming a part of my family. I feel very grateful that I was able to share my life with him this weekend.

Love you sweetheart! <3


  1. happy 5 months hun!!!!!!!!!! <3 Love you babe!


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