Yesterday I went to Stockton to see Andrew and meet two of his half-siblings, who are so nice and fun! I really had a wonderful day full of love, music, laughter, emotions, and fun. Many things happened, and it brought all of us closer together. I feel like I am truly part of his family; I felt so comfortable and happy around them!

The train ride back was hard, but I kept thinking about the love Andrew and I have for each other and how that love makes us stronger. I cherish it and feel so fortunate and happy.
As I was nearing home, I looked out the train windows. On the right side of the train the sun was setting, but it was so colorful. The few clouds scattered in the sky looked like bright orange lava. The sky itself was tinged with pink and the whole spectacle was eye-catching, like the plumes of a peacock's feather. Yet, on the left side of the train the sky was a deep blue, almost black. The lights of the chemical factories with their long thin towers that look like metal trees were bright and plentiful. They were the first stars out that night. I sat there, looking out two different windows at two different views, thinking about life as the train pushed on ahead. I keep pushing on ahead and becoming stronger, and my love for Andrew and his family becomes deeper. I feel as though my friends and I are all growing as people and it is so wonderful. We are truly becoming adults and while it is difficult, it is also exhilarating. Independence, love, desire, strength, compassion, respect, ambition.....these things and more have colored my life since I went to college. I love going forward in life and experiencing new things. I love experiencing them with Andrew by my side, and there is so much more I want to experience with him!
Today, my friend Andi came over for lunch and my dad made calzones for everyone. They turned out really good!
My dad even put an egg in mine, and it tasted very good in the calzone! I think he put one in his and Andi's calzones, and they enjoyed it too!
There was also ham, pepperoni, cheese, onions, mushrooms, and basil leaves in mine! All my favorites!! :)

After lunch, Andi and I went to Oakland to visit the campus of the art school she will be attending in the fall as a transfer student. She is so excited! Her parents wanted some pictures, so I brought my camera and took some of the buildings and such. I found a bunch of sunflowers growing near a residence hall, so I took pictures of them!
I find the picture above to be rather dramatic, wouldn't you say? With the clouds staining the deep blue sky and the metallic building looming in the background.
I think this picture is pretty and rather cheerful. :)

By the way, the cookies were well-received by Andrew and his family, which made me feel so happy! Yay! ;) I can't wait to see them all again, especially my love! <3>


  1. awwwww hun this means so much to me!!! we miss u! im glad to see u out and about and enjoyin life!!!

    <3 love you


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