Artsy Days~~

For quite some time now I have been dying to learn how to use watercolor paints. My friend Andi is a wonderful artist who graciously offered to teach me! So, yesterday my sister and I went over to get a lesson from her.

I really wanted to paint a sunflower, of course! :) This is what it looks like so far. I wasn't able to finish because we all had to leave early to catch a 5 o'clock showing of Harry Potter 6, which was rather dissappointing. I am excited to finish this little sunflower! Watercolor is hard, but I think if I practice I might be able to get the hang of it.

My younger sister Fiona Had her heart set on painting a sunset on the beach, and here it is! I think it turned out lovely!!! :)

We ended up coming home from Harry Potter around 8 o'clock, and my dad hadn't made dinner yet since he had been napping! Even so, he made homemade meatballs and spaghetti for a late dinner! It was well worth waiting for! :) Lots of basil, yum!

This morning I went to work, which was nice. Afterwards, my dad and I went to do run some errands. We stopped at a farm stand and he bought some veggies while I took pictures of......sunflowers!!! :)

Ahhhh, all this farming stuff makes me want to go back to Stockton!! I can't wait!! :D

Today has been rather relaxing at home. I have lots of little things, like poems and nail-painting I can do. I might go help my grandma run errands, and then maybe go swimming if it isn't too late or crowded. At work this morning the weather was so fresh and cool! It's hot where I live, but not as hot as it has been lately thankfully! I got the sweetest card from Andrew in the mail today and it was such a wonderful surprise!! Thank you honey! <3>
Tomorrow I am going to work again and then going swimming with my mother and godmother in the afternoon. This might be the first time my half-brother (he is almost 2) goes swimming so it should be fun! Lots of swimming and talking in French, just like old times. :)

Then, on Saturday I plan to go to Stockton to visit my love!!! Yay!!


  1. watercolors are relatively difficult to get used to, especially when you try to get the effect you want. there's a lot of techniques you can try, so experiment!

  2. awwww im glad that ur going into a new hobby!!! :) u and ur sunflowers... cant wait to see u saturday!!! in a couple hours we're gonna b going to discovery kingdom... that six flags place... so... i should sleep... hehe

    love u babe <3


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