At the Old House! :D

I spent the day in Stockton yesterday with my love and his family! It was so fun and relaxing, but extremely hot! His already large house is full of people right now, so it was non-stop talking and fun! His visiting sisters taught us how to dance the salsa and merengue! (I intend to practice these dances with Andrew, much to his dismay :D) I felt so comfortable and happy there!
Andrew's mother kindly made us all lunch. Clockwise from the top: pork ribs in a dark sauce with green onions, a very mild curry, rice, garlic bok choy, and fried tofu. All very interesting and good! I found myself really enjoying the bok choy, which made me think of my tortoise since I feed her bok choy sometimes! :)

In the early afternoon, we went to their old house, which is the house Andrew and his family grew up in. They moved into their current house a few years ago, and their cousins now live in the old house. I love it; the backyard is so large and beautiful. There is a basketball court, a swimming pool, fruit trees, flowers, and even a bomb shelter!
I thought the sunlight shining on this tree was so lovely that I had to take a picture. :)
Here is a close-up of the flowers on that tree. I love their mixed color of yellow and pale pink! So summery!

Yay! Blackberry bushes! I first noticed these when I was last at the old house in May, and I was so happy to see some berries on them yesterday! Andrew and I picked a few of the only ready ones, and they were very sweet!
Can't wait for those berries to be ready! :)
I don't know if I have mentioned this on my blog before, but Andrew is a great basketball player! He loves the game and he taught me how to play as well! So, even though it was so hot, he started dunking and shooting at the old house. Kathleen, one of his sisters, and her 2 year-old son Jake joined us on the court. Jake wanted to try dunking after he saw how well his Uncle Andrew did it, so Andrew helped him out! :D So cute! Look at those strong arms!
Here we are, both hot and sweaty, but happy! We were just sitting in the grass, relaxing in the shade. Earlier we had all gone on the roof, and the views were amazing! It was a wonderful day that was all about summertime. :) I was so happy to be with my love again! Of course I miss him a lot when I am home, but luckily I have exactly one month before I go back to school! Yay!


  1. hey hun!!!!! i had fun too, and im glad u came! :)



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