Attack of the Calzones!! :D

My dad has been on a calzone kick lately. Last night for dinner, he made 4 calzones, and we ate two since my sister was at a friend's house. She ate one of the leftover ones last night, and then I had the other for lunch today. :) Yum! My dad wants to go back to making traditional pizzas now though; he says he misses how the cheese would cook together with everything else on the pizza.

Here is a shot of mine from last night. Ham, eggs, basil, cheese, and pepperoni were crammed into this one and it was very good! I love the egg in it, and the basil adds such a nice earthy kick to it. :)

Below are pics of the calzone I ate today. This one had the same as the others, but with the addition of red onion. The onion added a nice flavor and goes well with the other ingredients.

My sister was craving beef tacos, so my dad made some for them. I tried a bit and it was good! I was fine with eating my calzone since the tacos might have been too spicy for me. They loved it, so that's good!
A couple nights ago, I cleaned out Scooter's aquarium and put in fresh timothy hay for her to sleep in. I think I put in too much because when I wake up in the morning and go to see her, she is buried in it! Sometimes I can't even see her!

This is actually a good view of her! :)

Awww, a little close-up of her sleepy face. :D
Today has been another relaxing day. I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods store this morning to get some good quality flip-flops that were on sale, then went to deposit money in my bank account, and then did some grocery shopping. After lunch I started some poems (I was suddenly inspired! :D) and got ready to go help my grandma babysit two of my cousins. They were the older ones, and easy to handle. We took them to the pool and talked with them. It was pretty fun. :) Made some money too, yay!
Right now my dad is working on cooking corn we'll see how that turns out. I am not sure if we are having it for dinner, but soup sounds good! It's pretty chilly here right now, with a cold wind blowing! Crazy!
Also, Andrew is amazing because he actually found a happy and cute Radiohead song for me!! ;D I love my boo!!!!


  1. hehe scooter wants to hide from the strange humans...


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