Gewd Eats! :)

Last night, I had one of my favorite dishes for dinner, Doro Wat! It's an Ethiopian chicken stew that tastes sooooooo good! :) It even has hard-boiled eggs in it, which adds a heartiness to the stew. The stew itself has a strong tomato sauce base, with onions and spices. So tasty~ It's also very good served with rice because the rice can soak up the yummy sauce!
Today has been a chill Sunday. I mopped the floor this morning (my favorite) and the apartment looks rather clean if I may say so myself. ;) I watched a short French film with my sister that was in black and white by director Eric Rohmer. It was pretty good, but just a short, early version of some of his films. It was still interesting though. Paris always looks lovely in black and white.
For lunch my dad made vegetable stir fry, with carrots, grean beans, snap peas, celery, and garlic in soy sauce. My dad decided that he wants to eat less meat and make more vegetarian meals......this shall be interesting. I'm up for it, so we'll see what happens. :)

This afternoon, I went to go sell some books to Half-Price books. I brought in a huge box and I got $14 out of it....not that great, but at least those books are gone! That's one less box I have to worry about! I went with my friend Andi, and afterwards we walked down the street to a frozen yogurt place called The Yogurt Shack. Yum! We both enjoyed the yogurt and toppings, and the prices weren't too bad. The picture above is my yogurt; I got chocolate and vanilla swirl with gummy bears, almonds, and waffle cone bits. :D Very good! I LOVE gummy bears in frozen yogurt!!! I love how chewy and cold they get! I've loved it since I was a kid; I have a distinct memory of getting some vanilla yogurt with gummy bears and just loving how they tasted with the yogurt. Maybe it's the difference of textures. Anyway, I reccomend putting gummy bears in frozen yogurt!! ;D
This was Andi's cup, and she got wild Acacia Berry with fresh strawberries and cookie dough. She really liked it, and was so excited about the cookie dough, haha. I tried it and it was tasty! Not too sweet, but with a pleasant berry taste. Good quality sorbet!
Well, it's hot and my family wants to go on a hike maybe later if it cools down......we went on a long walk yesterday, and it felt good. But it's hotter today so I am not sure if I want to go. I probably will anyway; it's healthy!! :D We might be having pizza for dinner, so look forward to a pizza post soon!
I wonder how the Adobo Festival is going..... :D


  1. oh i didnt know u loved mopping so much! wow, looks like gewd phewd. adobo festival was busy, but i dunno much else....

    luv u! <3


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