Great China in Berkeley!

It is sooooo hot right now! Ugh! It's about 100 degrees.........and Berkeley was also really hot. Not fun.
But, we went out for Chinese food in Berkeley before stopping at stopping at our respective libraries, which was nice. We would've stayed longer in Berkeley if it hadn't been so hot today! All of us just wanted to go home and soak in the air conditioning.

Great China is a rather small, clean, and charming restaraunt. However, the tables for 4 are way too small. I had to sit at the front of the table since my dad's elbow kept bumping into me. The waitresses didn't mind and still had room enough to walk through. Otherwise, it was really nice!

Everyone received the soup of the day with their meal, and today it was Egg Flower soup, with egg, carrots, and some other veggie bits. It was pretty good, and I haven't tried this sort of soup before so it was interesting.
We also ordered the pot stickers, which are made fresh and take about 10-20 minutes. Ours came rather quickly, and were so hot and good! We all devoured these! :)

I ordered the $6.75 lunch special of Tofu Beef with fried rice and look at that huge plate! I wasn't expecting that so it was overwhelming! Everything was hot and tasted fresh too. The salad was doused with an odd sort of sweet vinegar; my dad liked it but I didn't. The Tofu Beef was really good and filing! The sauce tasted kind of garlicy and it suited the dish really well. With the rice mixed in, it was delcious. The tofu was soft and yummy too. :)

My dad ordered the Beef Chow Mein, which tasted like standard chow mein, but it was good. Not overly flavorful or salty.
My sister ordered the lunch special of Garlic Chicken with fried rice. The chicken tasted garlicy, but not overwhelmingly so. There were also mushrooms and water chestnuts in with the chicken.
We enjoyed this place! the service is rather gruff, but the food comes quick and hot. They certainly don't skimp on portions here! Also, you can ask for no MSG or salt in the food, which is good. We asked for no MSG, so I think they heeded our wish. :) Also, we had a ton of food to take home, which is also good! Recommended!


  1. no they put in msg cuz u asked! :P

    wow looks gewd hun, glad u were stuffed!

    Love you <3


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