Happy 30th post!! :D

Yay! I've made it to 30 posts already! :) Writing this blog, taking pictures, cooking, and playing guitar have really become my summer projects/hobbies. It's been really fun!

Yesterday, my dad made homemade carnitas (pork) burritos for lunch. Yum! The carnitas consisted of pork shoulder that my dad cleaned of fat and then cooked in the oven for a long time in herbs, chicken broth, and onions. The result was an intensely rich and flavorful pork! I really loved it! It doesn't seem to hard to make, but it takes time. I want to learn so I can make some for Andrew!

We had the pork, Mexican rice, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and cheddar cheese. My dad forgot to make beans for himself, but that was okay with me. ;) The cilantro and onions were such a tasty touch with the meat and rice! This was delicious and not heavy or greasy!
Here is a close-up of my burrito! So good! I like all the colors!

In the afternoon, I went downtown to meet up with a friend that I had met in Japantown one day over a year ago. It was really fun! We talked a lot and walked around downtown for a bit. Of course, we ended up going to Ming Quong and the Green Tea Cafe, which have become my regular haunts this summer! I bought some cool earrings at Ming Quong, which was nice since I have some money now. Then, at the Green Tea Cafe I got a Strawberry Mango Slush! I wanted to try something new, and I am glad I did! The flavors tasted fresh and weren't overwhelmingly sweet! It was a sweet treat on a sunny and relaxing summer day!
Today my sister is coming back from her mini-vacation with her friend's family so I am excited to see her! I can't wait to hear all her stories, and then share my stories of the awesome weekend with her!
For lunch, I am hoping to finish up the Korean Meat Dumplings; we put some in the freezer and I really want to eat them. Hopefully they still taste good! My dad wants to make pizza for dinner tonight, so look forward to more pizza pics! :D
Good news!!! I am planning to go to Stockton on Friday to see Andrew and his family! I can't wait!!! <3 I wonder if his family would mind if I take pictures of the food!


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