More Pizza! ;)

Last night my dad made pizza to celebrate my little sister coming back home from her friend's lakehouse. He hadn't made pizza in a while, so it was a yummy treat! :)

Pictured above is my dad's pizza, topped with basil, cheese, pepperoni, and ground beef. I don't recall if he put olives on it, but since he loves them he probably did!

Here is my pizza with the infamous egg! Delicious! Along with the egg, it has basil, cheese, ground beef, and pepperoni.

My sister's pizza was like ours, except it had a slick slice of tomato in the middle.
We all enjoyed our pizzas, since we practically licked our plates clean! ;) My dad had some extra dough so he made a calzone to save for later. I am not sure what he put inside it, but when we reheat it I will be sure to take a picture!

Wrinkling her nose in distaste at the contents of our kitchen this morning, my sister declared that there was nothing she wanted to eat for breakfast here. After making a few suggestions, I remembered a little bag of instant blueberry muffin mix that inexplicably ended up in a cupboard. That suggestion was actually met with enthusiasm. All they required was some milk, so she quickly whipped them up.

Aren't they cute and round? They taste pretty good; very sweet and fluffy. I think homemade muffins are better, but these work too. :)
Today I am going to hang with my friends, and we might bake a chocolate cake! :D That was just an idea we had, but it would be fun! I would love to make some Filipino Misua noodle soup soon; I just have to make sure we get all the ingredients.
Aaaaahhh~~~~ I love bossa nova music! :) I've been listening to it all morning and it's so relaxing. If I had a cafe, I would DEFINITELY play bossa nova, be it Korean, French, or anything else! ;)


  1. All I wanna Do!!!

    looks like u had fun babe! i've got to try one of those pizzas!!! :P



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