Random Sunday!

Yesterday was a typical Sunday full of cleaning and cooking. I did laundry, helped make a roast for lunch, and worked on figuring out my financial aid for next semester, among other things. We also made a trip to my aunt's house to pick some things up. A family friend had left a couple bags of clothes for me, and my aunt had a whole bunch of awesome coupons and tickets to give us! She gave my sister and I 5 round trip Golden Gate ferry boat tickets, and a book of one-way MUNI bus tickets! :D This morning my sister and I were working on planning a fun trip to San Francisco and then to Sausalito by ferry boat. So, we'll see how that goes!

My sister had another moment of disliking all the breakfast food we had this morning so I found a mix for strawberry muffins in our magic cupboard. They turned out to be really cute! Doesn't the top of the muffin look like a gnome's hat? :) They were sweet, and I actually liked the strawberry bits in them; they tasted more like strawberry jam than real strawberries but thats okay.
Yum! We had omelettes for dinner! I prefer omelettes for lunch and dinner now, since they are filling but not too heavy. This egg-white omelette had mushrooms, basil leaves, ham, red onion, and a little cheese in it. All my favorites!
I have been experimenting on different ways to photograph food, so I hope the pictures in this entry look good! Photography is awesome. :D

My dad made some bread yesterday from a different cookbook than he usually uses for bread. This bread didn't rise very much, for some reason.....it's very dense. It taste's awesome though! A hint of sweetness really lifts the flavor. I want to try my hand at making this recipe soon!
A few days ago I stumbled across a rather simplified recipe for beef pho noodle soup. The broth won't be as rich or full of random things as true pho broth is, but it should be good. It's a pretty simple recipe. I found another recipe for pho in an Asian cookbook we have, but its very hard and uses ingredients I can't find too easily around where I live. Thus, I will turn to the easier recipe, since it's better than nothing! ;) I will probably be making it for dinner tonight, so that will be interesting. :) It won't be as good as the pho at Le Kims in Stockton though, but I will try! ;)


  1. awwww hun, ur gonna have a gewd fun trip at sf!!!!!!!!!

    haha the muffin top does NOT look like a gnome head... hoe...

    and... yum yum, i just had the beef pho noodle soup today! haha...

    im glad u busy eatin gewd fewd hunbuns! i miss you and i cant wait to see u saturday! <3


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