Sandwich Day~!

YAY! Happy 40th post!!!! :D

The weather has been cooling off this week, which has been interesting. The mornings are practically chilly....weird.....But, it's still sunny and lovely. I went on a walk this afternoon and it was so bright and clear; one of my turtle friends in the lake poked its head out of the water to say hello!

For lunch today, my dad made us all sandwiches. He had made some this morning to take to an elderly client, so he was in a sandwich mood all day!
I had a Croque Grandame, as we called it. :D It had turkey, chicken, ham, and cheese with an egg on top. Very filling and so tasty! I made a salad to go along with it.
My sister had a deviled egg sandwich made with my dad's homemade bread! She really enjoyed it!
My dad had this monstrous BLT, also with his homemade bread! He also made a two bean salad for himself and my sister. According to them, it was tasty but very garlicy.

My dad surprised my sister and I with eclairs! The last time I had one I was with Andrew on a super hot day at college. We had gone to check out Podestos, an upscale grocery store that made good sandwiches, and picked one up to try. He loved it! :) I really want to make some homemade for him soon! :D
This eclair was pretty good; the filling was a vanilla custard that wasn't too rich. It came from the Whole Foods bakery.
I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning putting things up for sale on Ebay. I was able to sell two things this summer already, but didn't make too much money off of them. Shipping is cruel.....but I am trying again! I hope everything sells! I need to go back to school with a good amount of money saved. Otherwise, things have been pretty slow, just running errands and keeping the house clean. Scooter, my tortoise, has been relaxing and doing fine. :) My plant keeps growing, which makes me happy! I think it's probably too big to take back to school with me, so I hope my family takes good care of it when I am gone!
Tomorrow we are planning to go to San Francisco since my dad has to meet with a client. I want to go to Boulange, a French bakery/pastry shop on the Fillmore and get some more macarons! Yum!


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