SF MOMA, Katana-ya Ramen, and Fro-yo Sunday!

Sunday was a busy day! After writing up a blog post about my awesome day with my love in Stockton, I got ready to go to San Francisco to meet up with my roommate Devon for next year and her family! I took a BART train into Union Square and we met up. Everyone was hungry, and the only good and inexpensive restaurant I know around the Union Square area is a Japanese ramen place called Katana-ya, which is kind of famous in SF. Her family was up for it, so off we went!

I ordered the regular miso ramen, and it was delcious! I had never ordered miso ramen in a restaurant before, and I was glad I did yesterday! :) It was not too thick, but almost creamy in a way. It actually didn't taste like miso soup at all, which is nice because I don't always like miso soup. But this was yummy! Sooo gooood~
I ordered a combination meal, and I got the tamago don (egg over rice). However, the waitress either mixed up my order or heard me wrong because she gave me oyako don (chicken and egg over rice).I liked it anyway, but I wondered about the mix-up.

Devon's dad ordered the soy sauce ramen and pork over rice combo. He seemed to enjoy it!
Devon also ordered a combo, with soy sauce ramen and fried rice. I sadly didn't get a picture of the fried rice, but it came in a nice bowl and looked pretty good.

Hder mom ordered the curry rice meal, which came with miso soup. I didn't get a picture of the curry rice, but it was huge!! She really liked it too!
Then, we walked down Union Square and through Yerba Buena Gardens (pictured below) to get to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was a lovely day, and even a bit windy. At home my dad said it was in the 100s! Eek!
I thought these flowers were so lovely that I had to get a picture! :) I love how bright the colors are!

After checking out the museum, we were all a bit hot from walking around and Devon's mom wanted to get something cool and refreshing. We found an adorable little frozen yogurt place near the Metreon and got some fro-yo! Mine is the one in the middle in the first row. It was so delicious and fresh! I got mango, chocolate/vanilla swirl, cookies and cream, and mochi and almonds on top. Loved it! The frozen yogurt at this place was top-notch; creamy, yogurty, and tasty! No fake flavoring. It's called Icebee, www.icebeeyogurt.com !!
The museum itself was interesting.....but I don't care for modern art very much. Some of the pieces were disturbing, some were interesting, and some could not be considered art (colorful squares? a urinal???). I am so grateful to Devon and her family for inviting me though! It was a fun way to spend a Sunday. :)


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