Slushies and Soup!

What started off as a blah morning turned into a really fun day of laughter and trading stories with friends! I was feeling a little blue this morning so my sister suggested that I call up one of my high school friends to meet up. I did, and ended up hanging out with 3 of my old friends all afternoon!

I first met up with Katie at, my favorite, the Green Tea Cafe downtown! I had the Strawberry Mango slush and she ordered a Thai Iced Tea. My slush was sweet and refreshing! I love it because it isn't overpoweringly sweet and fake tasting. Thumbs up! My friend Anu met up later and ordered an Almond Milk at my recomendation! ;)

We had so much fun talking about our college lives and what it was like living in a dorm! We have all changed a bit, but it's rather refreshing. I feel like all our worlds have opened up and we are growing up. :) Of course, they were curious about Andrew, so I told them about him and showed off my lovely ring!!! :D After Green Tea Cafe started to get a little busy, we went over to Barnes and Noble to hang out and meet up with another friend, Cindy. So, then more catching up took place and I told them funny stories about last year. I plan to hang out with them next week again, so I am looking forward to that! :D I am really glad I took initiative to meet up with them; I feel a lot better now that I did that. I think I feel down sometimes because I am so ready to go back to school and I get kinda of bored and lonely here. I also love keeping busy, and I can't really do that at home. But, I have things to look forward to, such as Andrew sleeping over on Friday!!!!!!! :D I really can't wait to spend relaxing quality time with him!!!!!!

For dinner, my dad made French Onion soup with his home-made bread! Yum! It was sooo tasty and fresh! He used the rest of the fresh mozzarella cheese and some grated parmesan cheese. He said the secret to good French Onion soup is to cook the onions in butter for at least a half an hour, and then boil them in the beef broth for about 45 minutes. It makes the onions soft and really flavors up the broth.

My bowl, straight from the oven! :)

Here is a picture of the broth from under the cheese and bread. Very light and healthy broth, not oily at all! (I love that spoon!)

Gooey cheese!!!! :D

Fiona and I went on a walk after we got home from hanging with friends, and I saw one of my turtle friends in the lake! It made me so happy!
But then......
We saw a super freaky red thing that looked like a lobster! It's claws were up and it looked as though it was going to pounce on us!!!! My dad said it was a crawdad..........ewwwww.... >.<
So, that was interesting and adventurous! Yay for nature!! ;)


  1. :) im glad that u had fun with friends! and yummy fewd!

    cant wait for friday, love u <3


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