Sweet Summer Days~~

"Let's dress up and have a tea party!" My friend Val had an outburst of excitement and handed me and my other friend Andrea some dresses to wear. It was a lovely afternoon yesterday and Val desperately wanted to sit outside and have a tea party with us. We laughed and obliged her, wearing rather fancy dresses that were some reason either white, black, or both. Before that, however, I whipped up some Trader Joe's brownies from the box.

They weren't too sweet or heavily chocolatey. The mix called for a lot of butter though, one whole stick.......that seemed like a bit much. I had a couple pieces and brough some home for my sister, the reigning brownie queen of the family.

For dinner that night, my dad made albacore tuna steaks that were marinated in a tangy citrus/soy sauce marinade, with boiled buttered potatoes and a pea and carrot veggie medley. I wanted to post this picture on here because I never talk about fish in this blog. I actually don't care much for fish, but usually the way my dad makes it is good. I am still expanding my horizons though.....but I will never like crab legs. YUCK!

The calzone pictured above was my lunch! Inside there was a lot of ground beef, pepperoni, some cheese, tomato sauce, and basil leaves. It was good, but I think I prefer normal pizzas better. This weekend my dad wanted to try making calzones for each of us, so that will be interesting! :) I am still going to want an egg in it......

Yay! Lots of cookies! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that is! :D I made a whole bunch this afternoon to take to Andrew's family! I tried only one and it tasted chewy and yummy! I hope they all enjoy these cookies! It makes me so happy to bake for Andrew; I really love it. :)


  1. awww i love you babe

    glad u had fun, and im a total hore for the cookies :)



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