A Birthday, Pho, and Pizzokie!

Last Saturday, I was indeed a pho hoe.

It was my friend Jen's 20th birthday, so we went all out and had a great girls' night out! :) We first went to Pho Saigon Bay, and it was good! Some of my friends had never had Vietnamese food before so I helped them out and suggested some good dishes. I, of course, went for the beef pho and cha gio (Imperial rolls). I got a medium bowl and requested extra noodles for a dollar. It was funny because they didn't put the noodles in the bowl with the pho, but in a separate bowl with a tasty broth......hmmm. It was still good though! Just oddly presented I guess.

This entire order was for me....I love these so much! I wrapped the rolls up in the lettuce and pickled veggies, which brought them up to a whole new level! :) Very fresh and tasty!

Yep.....there is my pho and extra noodles. I loved it! The broth is so rich and beefy, but not overpoweringly so. The beef wasn't too tender, but that's okay. Great soup!
After dinner, since we weren't hungry for dessert yet, we went next door to Crossroads Trading Company, an awesome used-clothing store. I got a super cute orange tote bag covered in little fruits for $2.00!!!!!! :D
Then, we went to Rasputin's and looked through used CDs and DVDs. I got a Radiohead album used and was happy. :)
I was pretty tired by this point, but Jen wanted to go to BJ's Brewery for a Pizzookie dessert, which is a giant cookie topped with tons of ice cream. We had to wait a while for a table since BJs is super popular here in Stockton! It's crazy!

So, we got seated at 8:45 pm and ready for more food! A bunch of my friends ordered root beer, since BJs makes it themselves. I tried it and it was interesting; I don't like root beer, but I can understand why it is popular there.
We got a starter of fries! :D These were super thin and very good! Of course, we gobbled them up in two seconds, haha.
Then....the massive, epic Pizzookie arrived! Crazy, huh? It was delicious though. The cookie was super gooey and warm.....the vanilla ice cream melted on it......yummmmmmm............

Yay! Here is a pic of me happy with my pizzookie slice! :) I also ordered a strawberry lemonade, and that was good too. :)
Pho Saigon Bay
5756 Pacific Ave # 14
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 477-5972 (Phone)
BJs Restaurant and Brewery
5733 Pacific Ave
\Stockton, CA 95207-5148
(209) 373-4660
Momofraise Says: Saigon Bay has great food at affordable prices, and BJs is fun for a party! :)


  1. haha the momofraise says thingy at the bottom made me laugh! luv u!


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