Haggin Museum and more!

Hello! Once again, another week has passed! I had a good week and I am so excited about the changing weather! For some reason, I am just relishing the Fall weather and October itself. October is especially special because Andrew's birthday is October 5! :D I am so excited to give him his gift! Our 8 month anniversary is the day before, so this is a special weekend!

Two weeks ago on a lovely Saturday, Andrew took me to the Haggin Museum! I've been wanting to go there for quite sometime, so it was so sweet of him! I was sad because they got rid of the mummy right before I came back to Stockton....too bad...haha.

Above is a rather glamorous picture of me, if I may say so myself. ;) The museum is in the middle of a rather large and lovely park, with lots of grand trees, a little fenced off lake, and picnic tables dotting the grass everywhere. There is even a lovely rose garden too! The museum itself is made of brick and is quite stately looking.
Andrew and I really enjoyed it and spent almost three hours just looking at all the exhibits! There was a Matisse exhibit, as well as an awesome Japanese woodblock print exhibit. There are about three stories in the musuem, and it is so fun! We learned a lot about Stockton's history! The little gift shop downstairs was very cute and I got a few things, including a leather bookmark for my grandmother. :) Since Andrew and I are students, it only cost $2.50 each to get in! It's a real deal! Thank you honey!

Afterwards, we both realized how hungry we were! Thus, he sweetly offered to take me to Pho Saigon Bay! It was delicious! Andrew is definitely my favorite dining companion! :)

We ordered the large bowl of pho with just rare steak and Imperial rolls. Sooooo gooood! I had a wonderful day!
Here are a few random pictures of food I ate that week too, haha.

There were chocolate-dipped madeleines at the cafe in the University Center....the chocolate was mediocre, but it was still a nice treat. :)

One night I made onigiri (rice balls) for me and Andrew in my room! So fun and easy!

For Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holiday, my dad sent me a care package which included snacks as well as apples and honey! Which is one of my favorite fall treats. :) I was really excited about Andrew trying it, so we had some. It was sweet and fun! I think he liked them! :D

So yeah, I have been having a lot of fun here!


  1. hun u look great in that dresss!!!!!!! luv u!!!!!


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