Happy Birthday and 8 Months!!!! <3

Ahhh, this is one of those days where nothing at the University Center tastes good and I wish they was a super close Vietnamese place I could go to! Oh well, I have food in my room I can always make, but I still wish I had a kitchen....grrr....

Anyway, this past weekend was my love's Birthday and our 8 month anniversary!!!!!! :D We had a lot of fun celebrating and eating, lol! ;)

On Friday I treated him to dinner at a lovely place called Dave Wong's Restaurant; it is a Chinese place renowned here in Stockton for it's ambiance. We enjoyed the dim lighting and pretty interior. The food wasn't very expensive, but the portions were a bit on the smaller side. It was enough to get both of us full, but it would be too little for a larger group. I forgot my camera in my room since it was such an impulsive idea, but I promise to take pictures next time we go! We ordered pot stickers (which weren't very good), egg foo yung (YUM!), and Shiitake Mushroom beef. With rice of course. :)

On Saturday I worked on homework and random errands I had to run. I especially had to make sure Andrew's gifts and card were all ready for Sunday! ;)

My friend Jen walked to Target with me so I could get something. Then, we stopped at Sakura Japanese Grocery and the M&W Dutch American Bakery. I ordered a sandwich at the bakery since there sandwiches are only $4 for a whole one! Such a great deal! This sandwich had ham, turkey, lettuce, onions, and a bit of mayo. It was gooood!

I had fun and bought some candies at Sakura! The long thing with the picture of Mt. Fuji on it is the new white peach flavored Hai-chew candies! They are little gummy sweet chews! I really am enjoying this flavor! Then, I got this funky pack that came with a kids book in Japanese and caramels that I have yet to try, haha. It was so cute I couldn't resist. ;)

Sunday was me and Andrew's 8 month anniversary and I was sooooo excited about being with him! His birthday was actually yesterday, but we were both busy with class so we didn't have much time to celebrate. Thus, we did it on Sunday! Well, this whole week we will be having fun, so that counts too. :)

We hung out at his house just relaxing, enjoying a lazy Sunday, then we went back to UOP and walked to a nice Thai place called Siamese Street. Both of us were curious and wanted to try something new. Also, all our favorite places were closed since it was Sunday.

Above is my love looking cute with the veggie rolls we ordered. Also, he is holding a plate because the plates have "Siamese Street" printed on them! Our dishware was very nice. :) The whole ambiance of the place is very nice; it's a clean restuarant with a friendly and young staff. My water glass was refilled a lot, which is good since I drink a lot of water! :D

I must admit, though, that the veggie rolls were rather odd. Both Andrew and I found them to be a bit too greasy, and the insides weren't cooked all the way. The thin, see-through noodles in them were crunchy........I MUCH prefer Vietnamese Imperial Rolls! These weren't too bad though. :) Also, it was a good portion size for an appetizer, if a little pricey at $6.95 I believe.

Sorry if the pictures seem out of focus, the lighting was a bit odd. Above is the Pad See Ew with chicken that I ordered. It seemed like any other chow fun dish and I liked it, since it wasn't crazy or spicy. The chicken wasn't really overcooked and the veggies were fine. I liked the noodles, hehehehe. ;) I wished they had given a larger portion size of this though.....

Andrew ordered the Pad Thai with tofu since his friend reccomended it to us. I tried it and didn't care for it too much......the spices were odd to me. It tastes kind of sweet but also had a bite of red pepper or chili in it. Andrew liked it, so I was happy. :) The tofu was great though, and neither of us missed meat, haha! It was kind of odd because they gave us a huge portion of this! We had leftovers, which my honey ate yesterday. :)

Overall, we had a wonderful Birthday/Anniversary weekend! Thank you honey!!!! :D

Siamese Street Thai Restaurant
3236 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 466-0127
Dave Wong's Restaurant
2828 W March Ln
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 951-4152
Momofraise Says: There are lots of interesting places in Stockton, and it is fun to explore new restaurants and cuisines!


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