Parents Weekend 2009~!

Many things have been happening so I'm happy that I finally have the time to write a post about it! One big thing is that I have decided to change my major to studio art with a concentration in Photography and something else!!!! This is really exciting for me and I can't wait to start my art classes next semester! :) I've also been having fun with Andrew and enjoying the fall weather. It has been extremely cold this week though, so hopefully it warms up a bit before Halloween!

The weekend of October 17 my family came over to visit me here on campus! :) They took Andrew and me out to lunch in a neighboring small town called Clements. On the drive over, we passed a lovely apple orchard that was on both sides of the road. The trees were tall and green, their leaves bushy and letting in slivers of sunlight. It was a lovely orchard and we all wished we could walk around in it.

The restuarant was known as Clements Feed and Fuel and it was closing the day after we went, which was so sad! Me, Andrew, my dad, my sister, and my grandma were pretty much the only diners for a while, and our waitress was very friendly and talkative. I could tell that she was truly saddened by the closing of the restaurant; however, there was a glimmer of hope because there is a customer interested in buying it and making it into a restuarant again! :)

My dad decided to order Escargot (snails) as an appetizer for us! I was rather surprised, but we were all game and tried one! The snails were drenched in warm garlic butter and eaten with crispy garlic bread. It was ....interesting and chewy. There was a different, almost earthy taste to it, even though it was dripping with a rich garlicy butter sauce. My dad loved them, haha. :D

Andrew wanted to try the Calamari steak sandwich, which he loved~! :) It was a lightly breaded calamari steak spread with tartar sauce, which he said was good. The french fries were thick and crispy. He saved one of the halves for later that night, and he said it was still good! Glad you enjoyed it honey!
Here is a shot of my burger, with avocadoes and veggies on the side, and cheddar cheese on top of it. SO GOOD and juicy! It wasn't ridiculously huge or thick either, so I finished it in one sitting, hehehe! ;) I enjoyed it, it could've used more salt though.

My dad is awesome and took a picture of his sparerib sandwich for me! :D He enjoyed it, and gave me his other half, which I ate for dinner the next night! I think he enjoyed it, he said it was good meat.
My sister ordered the same burger as I did, and my grandmother ordered a blue cheese and chicken wrap, which she said was heavy with cheese and filling. My sister barely ate her burger for some reason and gave it to me, which I ate later that night!

My dad wanted my sister and me to each order a dessert, so we carefully perused the menu, bwahahaha. My sister ordered the Molten Lava chocolate cake (at least I think that's what it's called), which was warm and rich with chocolate! DELICIOUS! It made me giggle with every bite! It was still delicious and gooey after being warmed up in the microwave a couple days later. :)
I chose to try the Lemon Drop Cheesecake since the restuarant recomended it, and it was great! It kindled a love for cheesecake within me! It was rich and sweet, with just the right balance between tart lemon and sugary cheesecakeyness (is that a real word? hahaha)! I really enjoyed it, as did Andrew! :)
After my family left, Andrew and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking down to the Miracle Mile and then around the homes near between Pacific and Miracle Mile. It was so fun and romantic to be walking together, exploring little nooks and crannies of the Miracle Mile that we hadn't seen before. The weather was cool and comfortable, both of us dressed up and full of smiles. We went to the Empresso Cafe (aka Java Roma) and I had a refreshing smoothie. It was so nice to sit and relax in the cafe together. After that, we started walking around the beautiful and cozy homes around Miracle Mile and near UOP. Andrew and I loved seeing all the lovely homes nestled into gardens and would point out the ones we liked the best! :)
It was an amazing day that will remain etched in my mind forever. :) Thank you my love and my family!
Clements Fuel and Feed
18938 E Hwy 88
Clements, CA 95227


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