San Francisco Trip with Friends! :)

I can't believe I haven't put up this post yet! In the beginning of this semester, my college offered a trip to San Francisco by bus for only $5! Such an awesome deal! So, my friends and I were lucky enough to hear about it so we paid and were excited to go! Above is us putting our shoes together. My shoe is the awesome orange one!!! :D

The bus dropped us off in Union Square, and since we were hungry we walked over to Katana-ya after shopping a bit in Macy's. Katana-ya is a super tiny and very popular Japanese restaurant in Union Square. The place itself is very narrow and the walls are adorned with colorful and funky pieces of art! There was a nice mix of jazz and Japanese pop music playing while we ate. :)

I ordered a combination lunch of Miso Ramen and katsu don. Above is the katsu don, which is pork katsu with sauce on top of rice with a salad. The dressing on the salad was a delicious creamy sesame one. I wish Japanese restaurants sold the dressing they use, it's so good that I would use! (I am notorious for not using salad dressing lol) I really enjoyed this filling dish; the katsu was fried nicely and the sauce on it was good with the rice.

OH YEAH! Time for Miso ramen awesomeness! I really love miso ramen; ever since my dad told me to order it when I go out I have loved it's rich, savoury flavor. Katana-ya makes a good miso ramen; it's rich and filling. The noodles were good, the pork slice was just okay, and I love all the green onion, haha.

There's me, with my finished bowl! It's so rich I couldn't finish everything, lol!! :D

After eating lunch, we hailed a cab and had a crazy drive to Fisherman's wharf. There, we perused the funky jewelry stalls and bought some more things. After a while of this, we were all hankering for some gelato, which you can't really get in Stockton. So, off to North Beach (Little Italy) we went! I led everyone on a crazy journey and we finally found this whole in the wall gelato place I like.

It's pretty expensive, which was a bit disappointing. I ordered half hazelnut gelto and half smores gelato. It was good! The hazelnut was delicious, and the smores was interesting, but next time I will get something more chocolatey. :) I finished my friend's pistachio gelato and for some reason I kinda like's very rich though, haha.

Afterwards, we went back to Union Square through a free bus ride through Chinatown and got back on the bus. When we arrived back in Stockton, we immediately went to get pizza at Pacific Pizza!
Overall, it was a fun day in SF! :)
430 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 771-1280
Momofraise says: Miso Ramen is GOOD!! Gelato is GOOD!!


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