A Wonderful Week~! :)

I had such an fun and awesome week, perhaps one of the best weeks I have ever had. It was filled with fun, love, and so much more. I am so sad that it is over! Thank you for everything honey! :)

On Friday, Andrew took me and his youngest brother out for lunch at the famous Chuck's Diner, where huge portions reign supreme! Above is the full order of the Garden Omelette that Andrew and I shared, with the kitchen fries and pancake as our sides. The omelette was bursting with fragrant sauteed mushrooms, and the warm avocado slices added such a wonderful creamy richeness to the omelette! I want to make an avocado omelette someday! :)

The pancake was super thick! It's very tasty, almost like a large pastry! Someday I might ordered a pancake breakfast there since they are so good!

I have been aching for some onion rings lately, so Andrew was game so we ordered the full order of the house-made rings! They were good, and were battered with cornmeal, so it was thick and crunchy. They needed salt and/or a dipping sauce of some sort though. But, I still liked them! They were huge, haha! ;)
After lunch, we went to Podesto's, which is a fancy grocery store with an awesome deli and bakery. They just added a little room that house the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Andrew was a sweetheart and bought me some chocolate delights! :D Above is the caramel and dark chocolate covered marshmallows, which he really liked. I thought this was good, but a bit too sweet. He also got me a chocolate-covered smore thing on a stick, which was DELICIOUS! I ate it so quickly that I wasn't able to get a picture of it lol! Podesto's is a very nice grocery store here in Stockton, and their chocolate-sipped Florentine cookies are divine. :) I bought two to bring back to my room and I can't wait to eat them! I will be sure to take pictures!

After relaxing for a while, Andrew and I went on a long bike ride, which as glorious since I haven't gone biking for a long time! It felt good to go biking again, especially with Andrew, since it had been quite some time since we had last gone. We went to the golf course behind his house and went to the train tracks there, where we saw some dogs come our way and then leave when they noticed us, lol! We also found TONS of blackberry bushes! The berries had dried out, but now we know where to go next year to harvest some! Then, we went to down the street to a little park where we took a break and went on the swings, since I had been dying to go on some swings for a while. ;)
After that, we crossed the street and went on a lovely trail. We saw a handsome grey and white heron standing in the midst of a stream of water bubbling around some rocks. It was such a lovely scene, especially pitted against the setting sun; I wish I had my camera with me!
I really enjoyed being with Andrew and sharing memories of my childhood with him last night on our bike ride; seeing that trail made me nostalgic for my old trail.

When we arrived back at his house, it was already dark and we were both hungry and tired. There was Shumai (pork dumpling sort of things) and sticky rice in banana leaves out to eat on the table. They were from a place in Chinatown, San Francisco. I tried a shumai earlier and really enjoyed it, even though it was a bit greasy! It was tasty and meaty!

The sticky rice was certainly interesting! It was fun unwrapping the banana leaves that were encasing it, haha. It consisted of very sticky rice with peanuts, bits of sausage, some oddly oily white meat (probably fish but I have no idea), and a chunk of yummy marinated chicken in the middle. I ate some of it, but I became full very fast! I am not sure if I entirely liked it.....it was very heavy and kind of oily. I think if the insides were different, I would really enjoy it. Andrew told me they make this with other things in the rice, so hopefully I can try one of those someday! :D I enjoyed my Chinese food adventures last night!

Chuck's Hamburgers
6034 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 473-9977

Momofraise says: I had a wonderful week and am so grateful to my love for everything! Chuck's is a good old greasy spoon full of history, so please give it a try! Also, Chinese snacks are quite interesting and always well worth a try! ;)


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