Dinner at Tulios~

Yep, I am on a blogging roll today! I want to write up the posts as soon as I can this week so I don't get bogged down and behind like I do when at school, haha. Also, it's fun, and I want to make sure Andrew can see what I am up to! :)

My sister and I went to Tulio's, which is an Italian restaurant I used to go to as a kid when I was done with ballet class, which was across the street. So, it's been around for a long time!
We were seated promptly and given a basket of baguette and foccacia bread, both of which were good and just how I remembered them. Also, a bowl of herbs, olive oil, and balsami vinegar accompanied the bread. Dipping the bread in the mixture was very tasty, especially with parmesan sprinkled in it!

This was the house salad that came with my pasta entree. I wasn't a fan of everything in this salad; I think the beats are an odd addition.....but that's just me. I asked for vinaigrette as my dressing and they served that in a quaint silver bowl. The dressing was okay.

My sister ordered the house minestrone soup which she would always order there. She said it was salty, but she finished the whole bowl, so it must have been good!

This was my HUGE bowl of pasta! I couldn' believe it! I was shocked when the waiter set it down in front of me! For $17.25, including a salad, I received so much food! This was rigatoni pasta in a Napoletana tomato sauce with mushrooms and provolone cheese. It was very good, but also filling and heavy. I took over half of it home!

Fiona ordered a personal pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms for $10.50, which included the soup. She enjoyed it, and took two slices home. I ate one of the slices and thought it was tasty. They use an interesting kind of pepperoni, which is different than what I am used to, but still very good. :)

Everything was served to us so quickly, I was quite surprised! It was a good meal, and my sister and I had fun catching up! :D We were both sad that our grandma couldn't come because she was sick, but it was still good.
Tulio's Italian Restaurant
2065 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(925) 938-3367
Momofraise says: LARGE portions and tasty Italian food! Not very innovative, but comforting nonetheless. :)


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