A Fun Thursday~!

Everyone here on campus is counting down the days until they can go home for Thanksgiving Break! I luckily leave on Tuesday morning, yay! I think I really need a break from this place, and my love is gone so there isn't much reason for me to stay. I need to have fun too, lol! :)

Speaking of fun, two Thursdays ago Andrew took me out to lunch! It such a wonderful treat! I am a spoiled boo~!

We went to a local Italian deli that has been around for a long time that serves cheap sandwiches. The above sandwich is what I ordered, prosciutto with cheese, mayo, and lettuce. Very rich and salty! I think this sandwich was only $4.25! :D
Andrew's sandwich was delicious and cheaper than mine at $3.25!! His had salami, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and mustard. I really loved his sandwich! This is probably what I will order next time we go there, which I hope we do! The salami was thick and tasty, with the mustard adding a lot of depth to the already salty flavor of the salami. It all worked. :)

For dessert, we went to our favorite place on the Miracle Mile, Taste of Brittany! It's our special place; the entrees are a bit expensive for us so we go rarely now. However, we still love it! :) We ordered the lemon and sugar crepe, which is our favorite crepe there. It's light and tasty! However, Andrew didn't want to waste the le,on so he squeezed the whole thing on the crepe....needless to say it was quite pungently sour in some parts! I didn't mind it too much though; it still tasted great! :D The crepe itself was chewy, in a good way! Crepes shouldn't be dry and crackly.

I loved the outfit I wore that day. It was so girly with a skrt, boots, and a pink Harajuku Lovers shirt. I was happy. :)

Bwahahhahaha! My love, eyeing his prey! Such a fun and wonderful day together~! :D

Gian's Delicatessen
2112 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 469-0108
Taste of Brittany
2041 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204-5327
(209) 946-9494


  1. that was so much fun hun. and yes. we will go again! <3

  2. gian's is by far my favorite deli in town.


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