Happy 9 months~! :)

Hello my dear readers! I am so sorry that I have been lax in updating lately. Schoolwork has bogged me down more than I thought it would. In fact, this semester is INSANE. So much to do when all I really want to do is relax with my love. Hopefully next semester will be much better!
Anyway, this upcoming Tuesday I go home for Thanksiving Break! Which means lots of food and cooking! Oh yes, I plan to take over the kitchen. I even told my father that I would be happy too cook our Thanksgiving meal all by myself! ;) Look forward to many blog posts about cooking and food from restaurants around where my family lives. :) My love is currently vacationing with his family in the Philippines and I miss him desperately.

So, let's go back a ways, shall we? :)

The day before our 9 month anniversary, Andrew and I went to In-n-Out for lunch since I had a coupon for a free burger. Soooo goooood! I find myself craving their burgers quite often now! Splitting an orders of fries is the way to go, we realized. Everything was delicious, and I loved it!

The next day, November fourth, was our 9 month anniversary and we just relaxed together and enjoyed each other's company. :) We had a cute fruit tart for dessert from the M&W bakery, which was good if a little heavy and rich! The strawberries were the best part of the tart; they were sweet and the custard/cream under the fruit complemented the strawberries so deliciously well! The colors are so cute too~!

For dinner that night, my love took me to our favorite neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant, Le Kims! We ordered our two favorites there, the Beef Pho and the grilled pork and imperial roll bun bowl. Very delicious and comforting on a chilly night!

The bun (vermicelli noodle) bowls at Le Kims are my favorites; all the ingredients are fresh and tasty. The fish sauce there is sooooo good and strong, but not spicy which is perfect for me. Everything tastes homemade, just like a mother's cooking. :) The owners are so nice and know Andrew and me now, which is really fun!
It was a wonderful day and full of good food and company~! :) Thank you my love!


  1. btw she dropped the tart on my pants. just sayin. ahem, luv u boo!


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