Home for Thanksgiving!

I am indeed back home for break! The train ride was very nice; the train was really crowded since it's a holiday week, so I took a seat across from a nice older lady. She and I talked the whole hour-long way, and it seemed so quick! :) My sister picked me up from the train station when I arrived around 10 am and we went to visit my mom, stepdad, and halfbrother. My stepdad ended up giving me his classical guitar, which he never uses, but it sounds great! I can't wait to play it for Andrew!

Afterwards, Fiona and I stopped at Lunardis to grab some groceries and got some yummy, though not too healthy food! I love how there is such a thing as lactose-free ice cream. ;)

I also picked up a bottle of Naked's Mighty Mango juice!! On campus last week, some people set up a Naked juice table in the student center/dining hall and had a Wheel of Fortune sort of game set up. I spun it and won a Naked t-shirt, which I wore and found to be super comfy! I also tried a sample of the mango juice and just loved it! So, I am so glad I found some this morning! And yes, it is delicious! ;)
I was planning to cook "Opy burgers" for lunch, since my sister said all we really had was ground beef, but......well, she forgot to take the meat out of the freezer to defrost. Thus, I made croque monsieur sandwiches and peas instead! I put sharp cheddar cheese and turkey slices in the sandwiches with wheat bread, grilling them with butter for a while until everything melted.

I guess mine was more of a croque madame since I put an egg on top. :) It felt good to be cooking in the kitchen again! My sister, mixing up the peas with butter, salt, and pepper. She put too much pepper.... >.< But they were still good!
Look at this! My tortoise Scooter has been snoozing under the computer desk in the living room since I got home. I'm thinking she is staying there because it's warm, poor thing. Tortoises don't like the cold. She has grown though, which is so exciting!
Tonight, my sister and I are going out to dinner! Sadly, my grandmother caught a cold, so she will not be joining us for dinner. :( I hope she feels better soon!


  1. dont worry ur grandma will be alright! wow everything looks tasty wish i could be there! :)


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