Mama Pho Part 1~!

Last Sunday morning, Andrew and I went to try a Vietnamese place that we couldn't ever find before. However, last Friday night we passed it in the car and realized it wasn't very far from his house or UOP! So, we decided to go on Sunday, since it was open.

The place is small, but meticulously clean. It's run by an old couple who don't speak too much English but are nice anyway.

The fact that our chopsticks and spoons were given to us in a popcorn bag is just too funny and awesome! :D

Ahhhhhhh, finally, a delicious banh mi! This one has tasty grilled pork in it and the bread is warm and fluffy! I truly adore this sandwich!!! None of the ingredients are overpowering, and I always take out the too-spicy jalapeno slice. The Vietnamese mayo adds such a creamy and savory aspect to the sandwich~! So good for $2.50!

Since I love cha gio (imperial/egg rolls, 4 for $3.95) we ordered those as well so I could try them. They were okay, very fresh and steaming hot! I was disappointed that they didn't give us fish sauce to go with them...hmmmm....we probably won't order these again. Getting two sandwiches is a better idea.

Yes, that is our XL-sized bowl of pho with beef steak slices and tripe. My honey loves his tripe, haha! :D It was the largest bowl we had ever seen and it was epic! The pho was good, with a light and pretty tasty broth. The noodles were plentiful and chewy, the meat was good I guess. The tripe came in huge clumps, which made Andrew happy! The accompanying bean sprouts and herbs were super clean and not old at all! Mama Pho clearly pays attention to detail!
That bowl was so big we couldn't even finish it all! :D

We spent the rest of that Sunday relaxing at Andrew's house, enjoying the lazy day. Then, before he took me back to campus so I could go to my tutoring job, his mom made dinner! And it was SO DELICIOUS! Supple and tender steak with garlic and pepper topped with onions, with oniony baked potatoes and die for, seriously. I consumed so much that night, and I wish I ate more! It was a delightful way to end a wonderful day! :)

Mama Pho & Sandwich

8014 Lower Sacramento Rd

Stockton, CA 95210

(209) 473-7154

Momofraise says: DELISH! Try the sandwiches because they will change your life and the way you look at sandwiches forever! ;)


  1. haha, when we went to mama pho on the last day here, we bought 4 sandwiches for the guys. twas gewd! :) <3


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