Mama Pho Part 2~!

My friend Jen has been having intense pho cravings this past week, so my friend Mary took Jen and me to try Mama Pho yesterday, since I was raving about it all week to them. Yay! Also, I am glad I was with with them because Andrew left for the Philippines yesterday and I miss him so much. It's good that I am spending time with my friends so I have fun and so I won't get too lonely. :)

The place was still spotless and warm on this rainy and freezing cold Friday. Andrew and his family were at Mama Pho earlier, and I can't wait to hear about what they ordered!
I ordered a small beef steak pho and a grilled pork sandwich. Oh my goodness, the sandwich was melting in my mouth, it was so utterly rich in distinct flavors....and the bread was warm and tasty! Just perfection!

My little pho, which was tasty, filling, and warm! :)

Mary ordered the Korean beef short rib plate, and she let me try a piece. It was very simple yet tasty and filling! A bit greasy, but delicious nonetheless. Obviously the other dishes at Mama Phos are good! Makes me want to try other things there! ;)

My friend Jen ordered a large beef steak pho and some cha gio rolls as well. She didn't care to much for the rolls either, but they aren't bad. She inhaled her soup and half of Mary's sandwich.

Obviously, Mama Pho was a success with my friends! :D I can't wait to go back with Andrew!


  1. yay! u guys shoulda went earlier to see us!!!! bleh it's ok, glad u guys had fun!

    luv u babe! <3


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