My sister and I braved the outside and went shopping today, and for being Black Friday it wasn't so bad. We didn't go to many places, but still had fun. The weather is pretty miserable; it started raining really hard not too long ago and it's very cold. I am sure my love in the hot and humid Philippines would like this weather! ;)

We went to Target, which was crowded but not terribly so. I bought a black cloche hat that actually fits, red long fingerless gloves, a light blue soft sweater on sale, and some essentials. Then, we walked up to Ming Quong, since the weather was sunny and nice, and I bought a new ring and a gift for Andrew, since our 10 month anniversary is next Friday, which is the day he comes back home! Yay! :D We then found ourselves at Saroor, a very good Indian restaurant I hadn't been too for a long time.

Since I can't drink Chai Tea unless the milk is soy or lactose-free, I ordered a mango lassi drink ($2.50) instead, which was DELICIOUS! The flavors of the yogurt and mango juice were well-balanced and I wished there were free refills so I could enjoy more of it! It was sweet and creamy without being overly tart. I am in a mango mood!

This was my first plate: fresh thin and buttered naan bread, chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, vegetable pakora, and chicken pakora. Everything was fresh and hot, I was impressed! The vegetavke pakora were very flavorful and not greasy; the chicken pakora fritters were alright, but the veggies had more depth of flavors. The chicken tikka masala had a little bite to it, and the flavors all meshed well. It was a very good meal! :) I really want to take Andrew here sometime soon!

Of course, I got a second plate! I got some salad, more veggie pakora, and some rice to soak up the leftover tikka masala sauce. Fiona and I really enjoyed our meals here!

Of course, I had to get some of this dessert! These are little pastry balls soaked in a sweet, sugary honey sauce. They are sooo sweet, but delightfully so! ;)

The inside is yellow and fluffy! These were great! They are called Gulab Jaman.

For $8.99, which might seem a bit high, the buffet is a great way to go. There are many options, even some vegetarian ones, and the food is fresh and tasty. I love how it's not very oily or greasy at all! :) It's very close to where my family lives, which is nice. Make sure to give this place a try! Also, check out the Japanese grocery store next door, I love that place! ;)

Saroor Indian Cuisine
2580 N Main St
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(925) 937-2031

Momofraise says: Great fresh Indian food at pretty affordable prices! The lunch buffet is the way to go! ;)


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