Thanksgiving Dinner 2009~

Ever since my parents divorced when I was eight, Thanksgiving changed for me. I still wish I could be with my whole family for Thanksgiving, but maybe that will happen someday in the future. Until then, I usually spend it with my dad, sister, grandma, aunt, and my four cousins. I really missed Andrew yesterday and wished he could have been a part of it, but he is having fun in the Philippines. :)

For lunch, my dad made homemade tacos, which were tasty and not spicy, which was good for me! It was a nice treat since it has been forever since he made them for me last. :) Tacos are kind of a funny thing to eat on Thanksgiving, but thats okay. :D

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner on the other hand.....was certainly interesting. The oven caught on fire right before I was going to make biscuits, so I decided against it. Luckily, the fire wasn't a serious one, and it died out rather quickly. I did end up making mashed potatoes and box stuffing, so I am glad I was able to contribute some dishes. :)

Here are the store-bought rolls we had; they were all right, if a bit rubbery and generic-tasting.

My aunt bought boxed stuffing, and since my dad forgot to bring his, we used my aunt's stuffing. I mixed a lot of butter and water together until the mixture boiled, and poured in the stuffing. It tasted alright, but was missing a certain element......I mixed this with mashed potatoes and gravy, and that helped the flavor.

My dad bought brussel sprouts on the vine, which looks so cool! :D My aunt roasted them in the oven, but they came out a bit burnt. They were still good though, since I love brussel sprouts. ^_^

We had a Caesar salad with homemade garlic-herb croutons, which were fantastic if a bit salty. My dad made the croutons and I really loved them!

Yay, turkey! My dad roasted the turkey in our oven, and the drippings fell onto the oven bottom, causing the fire. Luckily, the turkey was already out of the oven when the fire happened! The turkey was very tasty and a bit dry. However, we all loved it and ate a lot! :)

Ta-dah, my mashed potatoes! They are Opy-friendly because I used lactose-free milk when making them, hehehehehe! ;) I also mixed in some butter, salt, and a touch of pepper. I mixed them in the KitchenAid mixer, and they came out so fluffy and smooth! My family kept saying it was the hit of the night, which makes me feel proud. :)

Here's what our table looked like, all leaden down with dishes of food and such. My grandma was unable to come since she was still sick. Luckily, she is so much better today! :D

Yup, my first plate, before I was healthy and ate some veggies of course. ;) I like mixing the gravy (homemade by my dad), stuffing, turley, and mashed potatoes together. It tastes good like that, even though it may not look pretty! :D

I wish my love could have been there! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :)


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