Le Cheval Revisited!

When I was in elementary school, I had a special group of friends. We stayed friends all through middle school, all through high school, and now we are separated and navigating the choppy seas of adulthood and college. Two of those friends are still very important to me, and on Tuesday I was able to see both, albeit for a short while. Over the summer, we were all dealing with separate things and I was worried about them. Luckily, seeing them on Tuesday and hearing about their experiences this past semester has assuaged my worries. We are all growing and learning. :)

I was having serious Vietnamese food cravings because my sister refuses to go out and eat it with me. Thus, my friend Andi and I went for Vietnamese food at Le Cheval. This restaurant is the third of three, owned and run by friends of my grandmother! The food is a bit pricey, but it's good Vietnamese food. I went over the summer with my grandmother, so I was excited to follow up on it. We got there a little before noon, but as our lunch went on, more and more people came in! It seems to be a very popular spot for lunch for business people and other workers.

We were each given a cup of complimentary potato soup. It was creamy and smooth, but wasn't exploding with flavor. Nonetheless, it was comforting on a cold, grey day. :) There were bits of vegetables floating around, and they were cooked perfectly soft.

Andi ordered the orange chicken lunch special, which comes with a side of rice. She chose steamed rice. There were tons of peppers in the dish, which were intensely spicey! I tried a piece of the chicken, and it was dry yet tasty.

I wasn't feeling like pho (I know, shocking right? xD) and I didn't feel like spending $7 dollars for only THREE imperial rolls!!! So, I ordered the imperial roll vermicelli bowl. Yum! Very tasty and huge! I don't think it was worth $9.50, but it was a lot of food. I couldn't even finish the bowl. The imperial rolls were good, but didn't taste very fresh.

This was the fish sauce I was given to accompany the bowl. It was.......alright, I suppose. Not as tart or sprightly as the fish sauce at Pho Saigon Bay or Le Kims. I poured most of it over the rolls, salad, and vermicelli noodles and it did the trick.
Afterwards, we met up with two of my other close friends! It was so fun! :) I was so happy to see everyone! Sadly, I had to leave early to visit my mom, but we still had time to get some gelato! I got nutella gelato and chocolate marzipan gelato on a waffle cone, yummmm~~~~ XD Scrumptious!
Le Cheval
1375 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Momofraise says: Not a bad lunch spot, but a bit pricey for Vietnamese food. Good-sized portions for lunch though! And free creamy potato soup is always a plus! ;)


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