A Wonderful Night~

Yep, it's December now! :) It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I was busy with finals, essays, and just life in general. I am at home for winter break but I miss Andrew and Stockton tremendously. Andrew will hopefully be coming over next weekend to see me and I am so excited! I will bake lots of goodies for him~! The above picture was taken a few days after he returned from the trip to the Philippines. I was ecstatic to see him again! It's been so wonderful having him back!

The night after he arrived from the Philippines three weeks ago, he took me out to dinner. We couldn't stop talking and there was so much to say! We went to Dave Wong's Restaurant, a lovely Chinese place in Stockton. It is a gorgeous restaurant, oozing comfy yet upscale ambiance. The lighting is dim and golden, which makes for a romantic setting. They also have curtained booths for privacy; Andrew had put our names down for us to get one. After a while, one of the nice men working there put us into a private room! :) We were very lucky!

It was a cold night and I was feeling like soup, so we ordered their Wah Won Ton Soup. Many goodies were in it, such as chikcen, bok choy, won tons, and shrimp. The won tons were pretty tasty as was the bok choy. It wasn't anything special, but it was a nice start to our meal.

A close-up of my firt bowl. I gave the shrimp to Andrew after. ;)

Now this dish, my friends, is AMAZING. This is Egg Foo Yung with pork and I loooooove it! It's like a big fried omelette with bean sprouts, pork, and other things swimming in a tasty gravy. We always order it and it's very tasty. The texture is crispy and crunchy, and very satisfying. One might be put off by the bean sprouts, but they soak up the flavors of the pork, gravy, and egg. I am still dreaming of it!

This was the steak and mushroom fried rice, which was delicious, especially when mixed with the egg foo yung! The steak was tender and rich, and the mushrooms complemented everything so well. It was an interesting idea for fried rice, and since we love steak and mushrooms, it worked for us! :)

It was an inexpensive meal for two, considering all that we ate! We finished everything; it was all so good! However, the servings might be small for larger parties, so be prepared to order more dishes. Having the private room felt so cozy and nice~ It was a very special evening for us and I won't ever forget it! I can't wait to go back to Stockton and have those kinds of adventures with him again!
Dave Wong's Restaurant
2828 W March Ln
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 951-4152
Momofraise says: Great Chinese food in a lovely setting! Everything was tasty, service was accomadating and kind, and I was with the best dining companion ever! ;) A wonderful restaurant in Stockton!


  1. yes itwas a nice place to eat but there's one problem. i just got paid $30 for being a guitar teacher for an hour and in that same day i lost that $30. would i do it again?... yes it was so worth it... luv u babe!


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