Adventures in Lent-land: Day 3--Pho Saigon!

As I have mentioned previously, I am sick with a cold at home and since I was feeling sort of down about it, my dad sweetly took me out to lunch on Monday! We went to the new Vietnamese restaurant in Walnut Creek, Pho Saigon!

For an appetizer, I asked if we could get vegetarian egg rolls because I LOVE them and I figured it would be interesting to try them veggie-style. These were pretty good, longer than I expected. However, I wish more lettuce and pickled veggies had been given. Also, the fish sauce was rather bland and not as tangy as I like. Fish sauce is supposed to be tasty, sweet, slightly spicy, and just plain awesome! Nevertheless, my dad and I scarfed these down and looked forward to our other dishes. :)

This was the fried shrimp cake appetizer, ordered by my dad because in Lent, he said, one should always experiment with different vegetarian foods or fish dishes. Well, we both tried this when it arrived and neither of us cared much for it. It wasn't overly fishy or anything; quite the contrary, it was rather bland! It's comprised of shrimp meat encased in something and fried. Not too special. My dad and I both wished that Andrew was with us to eat the shrimp cake lol! :D
Above is my dad's salmon plate--look at that huge slab of salmon! He and I were both surprised at the amount of food they gave him! Also, I admire how clean and healthy his food looks, and he says it tasted that way too! :D I forgot how much this cost, but I don't think it was too much!

Now, what do you think I ordered?......

Beef pho, of course! :D I've been craving it for a while and was dying to try it there! I ordered the large bowl full of rare beef steak, beef brisket, beef flank, and tripe. They gave me a rather paltry and small dish of bean sprouts and herbs....I wish they had given me more, but it's okay.

The broth was very clean-tasting and I loved the flavors! Some might consider it a bit bland, but I love tasting the freshness of the broth and the ingredients. :) There was so much meat in the bowl I couldn't even finish it! There weren't as many noodles as I would have liked, but that just means I will order extra next time lol! ;D I really enjoyed this bowl of pho and I am really glad that Walnut Creek has a nice and cheap Vietnamese place. I swear, Pho Saigon totally reminded me of places in Stockton! I ended up telling my dad all about the places Andrew and I frequent--I can't wait to share that Extra-Large bowl of pho at Mama Pho with him again sometime! :D

The interior of the restaurant in very clean and well-lit, with red walls and tasteful decorations. There are two large flat screen TVs mounted on the walls, which my dad found funny. Since it is across the street from Kaiser, there are many doctors and nurses inside on their lunch breaks lol.

Pho Saigon

1560 Newell Ave

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Momofraise Says: Yay for more Vietnamese restaurants in Walnut Creek! :D Order a rice plate or the pho!


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