Pho Saigon Part 2--Last Day of Spring Break!

Hey all! I am back in Stockton, having taken the train on Friday. Andrew picked me up and we have been having fun! :) I am starting to feel better, which inspires me!
It was raining all day on Friday, which made the day seem rather cozy. I spent the morning getting my stuff together and trying to make my boxes seem less heavy for my dad's move this weekend. Yep, my family moved, but luckily they are still on the trail I love so much!
Around 10:30ish, one of my best friends, Andi, came to pick me up with all my stuff and we went out to lunch. She offered to drive me to the Amtrak station, which saved me a lot of stress. Thanks Andi-girl! :)

So, where did we go? Pho Saigon of course! ;D
It is a tradition between us to always go out to Vietnamese food when I am in town. This new place is so good that we knew we had to go! She ordered the spring rolls with shrimp as a starter and scarfed them down! :)They looked very fresh!

I, of course, ordered the egg rolls, which are my favorite, and they did not disappoint! They were steaming hot when I bit into one, so they were undoubtedly fresh. I preferred these over the vegetarian ones (sorry Dad!) and the fish sauce on the side was tangy and delectable~ Like I said before, too bad they don't give you more lettuce and pickled veggies.

I wanted to try something other than pho, but since it was such a cold and rainy day, I still felt like soup. One soup that immediately jumped out at me was the Wonton soup with rice noodles. I harbor a love for all things dumpling and wonton, so I was naturally intrigued. I asked the nice waitress what exactly is in this soup and she said that along with the wontons are two slices of pork. Yum, sounds good to me! Since I had the egg rolls, I ordered the soup size small. I was so surprised and pleased by how filling the small indeed was! Ahhhh, just writing about it right now makes me crave it~ The wontons were plentiful and tasty, if perhaps a tad too peppery for my taste. They were made of pork and delicious in the clear and fresh tasting broth that I kept drinking. The two slices of pork were okay; they tasted a bit old or something. There was a lot of noodles, my favorite! Yes, I really enjoyed this soup! :D

Andi ordered the sauteed catfish and polished her plate! I tried a piece and, to my surprise, it was delicious and not fishy at all! This is a great fish dish that isn't too heavy or greasy, but full of savory and sweet goodness.
Both of us enjoyed our lunch immensely and had a wonderful time! Afterwards, we went to Gelateria Naia where I got nutella and banana walnut gelato; the banana walnut was delicious and I really loved how it wasn't overly sweet. The two flavors went well together! Andi got a smoothie at Jamba Juice and then we went into a rather empty H&M where I got the cutest summer scarf! :D
Then, we went to the train station and continued having great conversation while I waited for my train, which was 20 minutes late! The train ride itself was fine, until the end where I almost couldn't get off because they wouldn't open the doors of the car I was in! Luckily, I made it out and into Andrew's warm arms where I didn't want to move for the next week, lol.

Did you know that it's been a year and 1 month and a half for us? It goes by so quickly, and every day we learn more about each other and our love deepens. He is the best partner in life and foodie-ness! :D
Pho Saigon
1560 Newell Ave
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Momofraise Says: GO. NOW!
Also, I have a new blog, more like an inspiration blog where I post pictures and quotes, etc. Check it out please and let me know what you think! :)


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