Fun Foodie Friday~!

Aaaahhh, Friday and Saturday April 9 and 10 were two glorious days~ Andrew and I had so much fun! Things have been getting busier for me as the semester winds down and my trip to Japan looms closer. Last week, though, was rather calm and I welcomed it. I spent some quality time with Andrew, applied for a Passport (I hope my application goes through!), and my classes weren't too bad. :)

Friday was wonderful-- Andrew and I were able to spend the whole day together and it was such a blast! :D That morning was interesting because we went to a different (and sketchier) part of town so I could submit my passport application and take pictures at a post office. There is only one post office around here that does walk-in applications and pictures so we braved it and went there. It wasn't a bad experience at all! I had an issue concerning IDs, so hopefully I will still be able to get my passport.

After the whole application process was done, Andrew and I went to try Genova Bakery, a bakery/deli that has been in business since around 1918! It's been on our list of "Places to try" for a while now, so it was nice to finally check it off lol! :)

The sandwiches are plain and cheap. They all come with bread, cheese, mayo, and mustard for $3.75, and for different meats it's $4.25. I got provolone cheese, salami, and prosciutto on french bread. It was very filling and fresh! I would have loved the addition of some lettuce and/or onion though, just because I like my veggies. The bread was fantastic, fresh and airy! I though I made a great choice in bread for my sandwich. :)

Here is Andrew's sandwich! Yay! He got Dutch Crunch bread with salami and provolone, along with the condiments. He enjoyed it, yet agreed that veggies, especially a tomato, would be a great addition to it to add moisture. Since his sandwich wasn't a combo, it was only $3.75!

I saw these waffle-like cookies at Genova, and wanted to try them. Andrew, being the love that he is, bought them for me and I was so excited! Thank you boo! :D I got the vanilla flavor and oh my they were so good! The vanilla scent wafts out of the box and they taste like crunchy vanilla waffles. So amazing! I think I ate about 8 on Friday lol. xD

Then, my sweet love got me some chocolates too! Yay! The label said they were "romantic" and "passionate"! Of course, I was super excited! ;) They were good too!

I had found this gelato in the freezer at the campus grocery store and I bought it because I was curious. Since it was a hot day and we were feeling like splurging, we opened it up. Sadly, I don't think this is very good gelato--it tastes very fakey and kind of old. I really didn't like the airy texture and the vanilla flavor was muted and dry. I don't reccomend this brand!

This is how I ate the gelato lol! Crazy and gluttonous! Those waffle cookies are so delicious and addicting! XD
Genova Bakery
749 N Sierra Nevada St
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 466-6145
Momofraise says: You've got to try this wonderful old-fashioned Italian deli, grocery, and bakery! You won't be disappointed by the array of treats!
**Update on my passport: I checked online yesterday and it is currently being processed, so I am hoping everything is going well! :)


  1. pfff u like your veggies yeah right :P

    lol, great blog luv! makes me want to go back! <3

  2. YYUUMM.

    And bad gelato is a tragedy. I like the Caio Bella brand and it never disappoints.

    Looks like you guys had a beautiful time. =)


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