My 20th Birthday~!

Gahhhhhh, I can't believe I hadn't posted this yet!!! This past week has been INSANE. I had some hard stuff to deal with, such as the death of a family friend and frustating class scheduling. College is never easy, and in the words of my wonderful father-- "Living on your own is tough!"
I couldn't have said it better myself, Dad. :)
However, a lot of fun was had by me and Andrew this holiday weekend. :) I am glad that we are settling back into our usual routine this week-- I actually am a "routine" kind of person, and I really don't like change. I can't believe it's April already...I am going to Japan next month!

Now, without further ado, here is what I did for my 20th birthday in January! Stay tuned for more catch-up posts to follow! :)

~ ~ ~

Oreo cookie cake with 20 candles, courtesy of my love and his family! :D

Hello everyone! Saturday January 3o was my 20th Birthday!!! I am really excited about being 20; it feels right to me and I love being able to say "I'm in my 20's" lol! I celebrated Friday and Saturday and had sooooo much fun!!! Andrew and his family did so much for me and were so generous; it's thanks to them that my birthday was so wonderful! :) Anyway, here's what we ate to celebrate! :D

Friday night was the now usual family party at Andrew's house, and there was a ton of food! I was so ecstatic because Andrew's mom asked me to bake cookies and brownies for the party! Yay, I can finally cook! :D Above are some lumpia she fried up and they were soooo good!

I made oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies that turned out wonderfully soft and tasty! Andrew crushed the walnuts up rather fine and it made the cookies taste rather subtle. I added more chocolate chips than his mom's recipe called for and it made an awesome difference! :D These cookies were a hit and it was so fun to cook in his kitchen!

On Saturday, my grandma, dad, and sister came to visit and take me and Andrew out to lunch! I had made a reservation at the Wine and Roses Restaurant in Lodi earlier in the week and was looking forward to trying their brunch menu. I should have taken a picture of the restaurant itself because it was so quaint and lush with flowers and trees! Wine and Roses is actually a spa and hotel, and a very lovely one at that.

A Flamenkuche appetizer, with lardons, onions, cheese, and greens on top of a buttery bread spread with creme fraiche and herbs. This was salty and savory, so in other words, very appealing lol. It was larger than we thought it would be, so all five of us had a decent-sized piece. We were already busy munching on the buttery and flakey cheddar biscuits we were given. They were delicious! Already, this meal was off to a great start!

My grandma and I both ordered the quiche, which had ham, cheese, bacon, and onions. It was very rich and I enjoyed it very much! I split it up with Andrew who then gave me half of his omlette and some his potatoes. The salad that came with this was pretty good, lightly doused with a sweet vinaigrette.

Andrew ordered the omlette with cheese, mixed mushrooms, swiss chard, and bacon with some potatoes on the side. It was all right; we both agreed that my quiche was richer and tastier. Andrew was happy to spread some ketchup on his omlette and potatoes though! There should have been more cheese and goodies inside; all in all, it was rather plain.

My awesome carnivore sister had the steak and eggs, which I think she enjoyed. We thought the steak was kind of small, but she was okay with it.

The dessert menu wasn't too exciting, so when our kind server said that they were serving vanilla creme brulee instead of lemon, both my sister and I jumped at it! However, they must have had some sort of miscommunication, because we were both served lemon creme brulee, which neither of us liked. It was too tart and not what we were expecting or craving. So, our server said she would take it off the bill. As soon as Andrew realized our desserts were free, he ended up finishing my creme brulee lol! XD My love jumps at the chance for free food!

Wine and Roses Hotel, Restaurant, Spa
2505 West Turner Road
Lodi, CA 95242
(209) 334-6988

Momofraise Says: Wine and Roses is a beautiful and dreamy place tucked into Lodi, and well worth a visit for the ambiance! The food can be good, but portions are a bit small.
I had the best birthday ever! Thank you to Andrew, Andrew's family, my friends, and my family! Love you all! :D


  1. oh boo, this brings me back! <3 what fun eh?


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