A Wonderful Revisit-- Le Kims!

The weather here in Stockton has certainly been interesting. A few weeks ago, the days were hot and vibrant with green grass and blooming flowers. Then, last week the weather took a turn for the worse and rain was falling almost every day, and the days were cold and slate-grey. Not exactly the most cheerful Spring week, let me tell you.

However, this post and the pictures hearken back to the week where every day was a bouquet of sunshine and smiles.

This particular Friday dawned bright and cheerful; Andrew took me out to our first favorite place, Le Kims! This restaurant is really special to us; we used to go all the time when we first dating and have loved it ever since. :) It was our haunt when the nights were cold and rainy~ We noticed we hadn't gone in a while, so we decided to go and get some good, homey Veitnamese eats! :)

I got new glasses! The frames are purple and very cute~ I love this picture; it's so sweet! Of course we had to take pictures together at lunch, it was such a lovely day! :D (My boo is so handsome!)

Now, as you all probably know by now, I am such a sucker for those crispy and savory Imperial rolls, which are infintely more delicious than Chinese egg rolls (that's just my opinion!). I also like to try imperial rolls at whatever Vietnamese restaurant I end up going to. Since Andrew and I felt like splurging (we are both trying to save money), we ordered Le Kims Imperial rolls appetizer. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING! These are REAL Imprial rolls, made with rice paper and lots of goodies on the side for wrapping up. Andrew loved them and decided that these are definitely worth $5! Yay! He said he had tried them in the Philippines and he was excited to eat them here! :D

Another view, because they deserve it!

Aaaaahhh, now it's time for one of my favorite meals in the world-- the vermicelli bun bowl! This one has barbecue pork and some pieces of an imperial roll, much to my delight. I love this dish--- it's so refreshing and healthy. The flavors are flamboyantly sweet and savory at the same time, with the pork and the fish sauce. Such a wonderful deal!

Our new favorite soup at Le Kims is the vegetarian curry soup! We saw it reviewed on Yelp.com, so we decided to try it last winter and we were both happy with that choice! This soup is subtley curry-like with what tastes like coconut milk. There are lots of large veggie chunks, like carrots and two kinds of potatoes. My favorite parts are the plentiful rice noodles and chunks of soybean/tofu curd. Yum!
Posts like these make me remember why I love blogging. On days where school is annoying or the weather is grey, I can look back on fun times with my love, my friends, and my family. :) It keeps me going and my chin up high! :D


  1. You and your delicious food pictures always have me drooling.

    Andrew's haircut looks nice and I think you look very darling in your new glasses!

  2. your food photos KILL ME!!! looks soo yummy! i can't stand it!! its torture!


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