Campus Food Truck and New Hair!

Heyyo everyone! This week is Thanksgiving, so I hope all of you who celebrate have fun and eat well! :) I'm going back to my Father's place~ I'll miss Andrew and my friends, but I know they will be eating well!

It's a cold day here, and it's been raining on and off. Kinda sad, if you ask me~ Too much grey! Anyway, I am in the library because the internet at my house died for some weird reason. I finished a bunch of homework and wanted to do a blogpost since I had time~ I've been really busy this semester, and there is a lot I have to do in the next couple weeks. I'm just trying to stay sane and healthy; my boo has been helping with that! ;) I've even started writing poetry again! That is something I am really proud of right now~ :)

There was a change on campus here at UOP and I thought it would be perfect to blog here about! We have a food truck~! I think UOP heard about the fancy food truck craze and wanted to get in on it. We have a ton of Mexican food trucks around here that are yummy~ The food truck on campus serves UOP food and is trying to make it fancy like some of the trucks in LA or New York haha XD

Last Wednesday was a hard day, and I wanted to try the food truck since I had time and not much food in my fridge. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which came with pulled pork, ham, and cheese (swiss? provolone? not sure..) and a ceasar salad. It was good and filling, but didn't really correlate with the menu.....The sandwich was supposed to have pickles, cheddar cheese, and a mustard spread. Yet, none of those things were present. However, the sandwich was still yummy~ My guess is that they ran out of those things, since there was a huge line when I went. The sandwich was $5~ Also, the salad was good, but there were only three tiny croutons. The dressing tasted homemade, or, at least, of good quality. The salad was only $2, and they gave me a lot! :) I think the food truck is a pretty good deal, if you are willing to spend the money. The bread on the sandwich was warm, fluffy, and tasty!!!!! That was one of the best things about it! XD

Environmentally, however, I am not sure if this truck is doing a good job....maybe they can use recycled paper things? Also, they ran out of forks and napkins super quickly....not cool. I had to eat my salad with my fingers, which was kind of odd.

In other news.....I cut off my hair! XD I love it short!!!!!!

This picture was taken by my love today! :D He took me to Le Kims, our favorite place, for lunch! I don't have much food or money right now, so this was so sweet of him! You can tell how excited I am! :D Thank you so much hun! It really meant a lot to me to go on this little date together~! I am really going to miss him over break~

Anyway, we're all working hard~ Hopefully next semester will be a little easier, haha~ I also need more simply and healthy recipes! Any suggestions? :D

Momofraise says: The University of the Pacific food truck is pretty yummy, let's hope it stays that way! XD


  1. The short hair looks great on you! And isn't it so much easier to just go about the day without having to do something about your hair like you have to with longer hair?

  2. fewd madness!!!!!!!!!!! ur cute <3


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