Strawberry Cake!

Summer has arrived! Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA lately, there has just been a lot going on! I have been in the Bay Area for almost two months now, and I have had some cooking adventures~ (mostly, I've just been enjoying my dad's cooking, hehe) Today is a gloomy, rainy day, but my grandma is finally home from the hospital! Yay! So that's awesome. :) Andrew has been able to come over a couple times and spend the weekend with us, which has been amazing and fun!!!!! ;D

A couple times this summer, we have found ourselves with extra strawberries around the house. So, I decided to make Martha Stewart's strawberry cake!

Here it is right before going into the oven~

And here is a picture of the cake after! Voila! :)

Another after picture~ I have been depriving this blog of pictures lately, so here's more than enough, haha!

The recipe stated that homemade whipped crea should act as the accompaniement to the cake. So, I whipped (hehe) some up and we really enjoyed it. The cake itself is so easy to make, and smells delicious when cooking. Personally, I find it a little too sweet and buttery for my taste. Maybe I just am not a fan of fruit cakes. My family and friends really like it, so that makes me happy. :) And it looks so lovely too!

This is a fun recipe for summertime, and it would be fun to make with kids too! Check it out! :)

Momofraise Says: This cake is a sweet treat for summer, and a great dessert to bring to a picnic or bbq~!


  1. Gorgeous and delicious! I suspect I'd impress everybody at the next picnic if I bring this little number ;)


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