Curbside Cafe Revisit!

Curbside Cafe has been a family favorite for a long time. The comforting French food, tiny space, and pretty location off of Filmore St have made it a wonderful place to have lunch or dinner with people who are closest to you~ :) My sister and I were lucky enough to be able to go have lunch there this summer, and it was great to spend time with her before she went off to college for her freshman year! (Go Fiona! :D)

We had made reservations, since it is a popular spot for lunch, and were seated at a table in an alcove next to the window. It was quite cozy, and we appreciated being able to sit down, even though we were early for our reservation. The owner was accomadating, even if he was busy, and we felt taken care of. Our first course was, of course, French onion soup! We shared it, since it's very rich, and it was perfect for the both of us. The cheese was melted and satisfyingly stringy, and the onions were sweet.

Fiona ordered the philly cheese steak sandwich, which was served with fresh and crispy fries. The sandwich arrived on grilled dutch crunch bread, the same that had been served to us with the soup. The bread was wonderful and we both inhaled it! XD Dutch crunch is great bread and I was happy to see the cafe utilising it, since one doesn't see it at many restaurants. I had a bite of her sandwich and it was so good! There was mushrooms, good quality meat, melted cheese, and I think she asked to leave out the onions and peppers, which is what I would have done. ;)

I ordered one of my favorite dishes there, the Chicken Piccata with angel hair pasta. The chicken was soft and looked like it was poached, witch went well with the rich lemon butter sauce. Salty capers dotted the plate and tasted wonderful with the sauce and chicken. The cheese was thickly grated, but I can't remember if it was parmesan or tasted sharp, but it was soft. Ah well, what matters is that this was a comfortable amount of food and wasn't overly rich or heavy.

The desserts are yummy, but we both wanted to try the bakeries down the street, so we passed. The meal wasn't too expensive, and we were both satiated with our meals; our plates had been licked clean! :)

After paying, we walked down the street to check out a new bakery, the Fillmore Bakeshop. They had many different varieties of macarons, and we were anxious to try some! The macaron were HUGE! So we each bought two.

I only got a picture of the pistachio macaron, which was divine. I loooove pistachio-flavored desserts and this one did not disappoint! There was sweet pistachio buttercream as the filling, and the shells were airy and chewy. We both enjoyed the flavors we got, and even though they were a touch expensive, it was worth trying! Also, this was a great light dessert to have after the savory lunch.

Curbside Cafe

2417 California Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Fillmore Bakeshop

1890 Fillmore St

(between Sutter St & Bush St)

San Francisco, CA 94115

Momofraise says: Giant macarons and a quaint French cafe? What are you waiting for? Go!!


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