The Dead Fish-- Crockett, CA

Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been one busy lady! I'm currently in the Bay Area, working for my dad as a clerical assistant and working on some secret plans, hehehehhee ;) Andrew is doing well, he has come to the Bay Area to visit a lot and we have a ton of fun with him here!

This was a lunch my dad and I had on Memorial Day earlier this year~ This restuarant is called The Dead Fish, and while it may not sound super appetizing, it turned out to be delicious, complete with wonderful views of the Bay!

We started off with garlic cheese bread~ The bread was rather crunchy, but the cheese was flavorful and their was a light hint of olive oil and garlic. What really made this delicious was the chopped fresh basil; such a wonderful addition that intensified the salty flavor of the cheese!

My dad ordered two Kumamoto oysters and he enjoyed how fresh they were. They were simple and quite large; my dad said he would definitely order them again!

I wanted a salad to start off, and I enjoy Cesaer salad, so I opted to try their rendition. First of all, there was SO MUCH parmesan. I couldn't believe it! It may not look like it in the picture, but there was a lot and I couldn't finish all of it. The salad dressing was simple and rather sparse, but I prefer it that way. The croutons were fresh and very crunchy; they went well with the plentiful cheese.

My dad ordered the halibut as his main course, which came blistering hot in the pan pictured, along with tons of fresh vegetables and some pearl couscous. He really liked it, especially the vegetables, and was pleased with this dish. :)

Since I am not a fish lover, I went with one of the Italian offerings: lasagna! This lasagna was dense and rich, but not too heavy. I actually finished the whole plate and I loved dipping the garlic cheese bread in the rich tomato meat sauce. There were little capers in it, and they added a pleasant tangy flavor to the lasagna. The cheese was sharp and blended well with everything else. I really liked this lasagna, and looking back it was a different kind than one usually eats in Italian restaurants.

We were much too full for dessert, so we ate leisurely and enjoyed the view of the boats on the Bay. This place was very comfortable and decorated with a marine theme, but it's still classy enough for a date. We would like to go back someday and perhaps try one of their brunch specials or sandwiches, which looked hearty! I had a lovely Memorial Day with my dad~ :)

The Dead Fish

20050 San Pablo Avenue

Crockett, CA 94525-1028

Momofraise Says: Go for the food, hearty portions, and nice selection! The garlic cheese bread is addictive!


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