Sapporo-ya Revisit!

I think this might have been the first San Francisco visit of the summer.....I went a few times, hitching a ride from my dad who had appointments and such. On this particular day, my dad had a lunch appointment, so I went off and had lunch on my own! I was particularly curious to see if my old ramen-ya favorite, Sapporo-ya, had changed, so I went to find out....
I ordered some gyoza on the side. The dressing on the salad tasted like mayo and ketchup mixed together....definitely un-appetizing. I would have enjoyed the salad if they had only used Japanese style dressing. The gyoza themselves were thin and tasted homemade, full of chopped meat and veggies. They come apart easily, and taste a bit salty. I still enjoyed them though~

Here is where I think I made an ordering mistake. I was into making miso ramen at home with my dad at the time, and I wanted to taste how Sapporo-ya made theirs. I used to love their shoyu ramen, and I think I should have gotten that instead. The noodles were chewy, but not very plentiful, and the chashu was super fatty. I know some people would prefer that, but I do not. The broth had a funny aftertaste and the miso flavor was very muted. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. However, eating there was very comfortable and nostalgic~ :)


1581 Webster St

Ste 202(between Geary Blvd & Post St)

San Francisco, CA 94115

Momofraise says: Stick with Shoyu ramen and watch out for fatty chashu!


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