Library Blackouts and Boy Antics

Hello all! Tonight I am utterly exhausted but felt compelled to share a story about a visit to our local library a few days ago. I haven't been able to write for a while and my fingers were itching! ;)

So.....the library. We are very lucky to have a beautiful library close to where we live and it has a wonderful children's area. The twins didn't nap that afternoon (they average one nap a week now...yeah, I don't get it) and I wanted to pick up a book that was being held for me. We made it to the library, I got my book, and then walked over to the children's area. It was brightly lit, with parents or grandparents reading to kids in cozy chairs. Very relaxing and peaceful, right? Buggy (my sweet daughter, one half of my three year old twins) found a book right away and sat in one of the cute kids' chairs. Chumba (her twin) zoomed around and started climbing on chairs and benches, with me instructing him to find a book and stop climbing around.

During all this, I reached down to let Baby G (my 18 month old boy) out of his stroller and he, being a cheeky little monkey boy, decided to imitate his older brother. So he started climbing as well. I must have looked like a crazy person trying to keep my herd of kids under control. Baby G had a meltdown, alerting everyone in the library to his presence, when I tried to put him on the floor so he could walk instead of climb on precarious objects. Chumba was dressed in his pirate costume, complete with a pirate hat, and still hadn't found a book to look at. Buggy was the only one who wanted to actually read books but her brothers were distracting her. After about 5 minutes or so, I gave up. I grabbed a few board books that looked fun and told them that we were going to the playground next door. Cue cheers of joy.

I put Baby G in the stroller and started to buckle him in when everything went black. Around me, people looked up, perplexed, obviously thinking why would the light go out at a library?

I looked around and saw Chumba with his fingers on the light switch.

Everyone was staring at us. I swear my hair frizzed up with the heat of my embarrassment and I told him to turn everything back on. Luckily, it worked and the room was lit up again. I left as quickly as a mom could pushing a stroller and holding hands with twins (yep its possible).

Maybe I'm just tired but the idea of someone turning the light off in a library amuses me. Since it was so grey and cloudy outside, it was really dark when Chumba turned the lights off!

Afterwards, the playground was fun for us and I'm glad I was able to check the books out. However, there's something about the library that makes them all wired up when you'd think it would be the opposite. Oh well. Toddlers seem to feed off their parents energy, which would explain why I'm always tired and they are bouncing around the house yelling like pirates and farm animals at all hours of the day. (It's not that loud, but it sure feels like it sometimes!)

Life with three toddlers is never boring! :)


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