Who is the house poet?

It's been a busy day; warm rain interspersed with random bouts of blue sky. All three kids finally took a nap at the same time and I was thrilled to be able to finish the book I was reading (The Secret Keeper, by Kate Morton) when out of nowhere shrilled the terrible building fire alarm. ARGH. We ended up taking the kids on a little drive to get some ice cream because, hey, when you're rudely woken up from your nap ice cream can make anyone feel better. ;) 

Anyway, I was thinking about the origins of the title of this blog The House Poet, and thought I'd share where it came from. I've been writing poetry since fifth grade, maybe even before that, and poetry has always been a large part of my life, even though I go through periods where I don't write many poems at all. I don't like to force the words out. 

When I was a freshman in college, I met a senior who was writing and producing plays, CDs, shows, all sorts of artistic and musical events. I became involved in his group and showed him my poems; I even wrote a poem for his band Euphorah and performed with him. Once, I think we were either rehearsing the play he had written or a different show and he called me the House Poet. It stuck with me. I was in college, struck by living on my own and letting new feelings and ideas flourish within me. Everything was dazzling. Poems poured out of me and I felt renewed each time I put words on paper. 

I'm trying to get back into blogging again because I want to write more and I want to talk about things that are important to me, such as my writing, parenting, and delicious restaurants. Oh yes, I'd love to write more restaurant reviews soon! I had so much fun doing those. 

Have a good night all and I hope to have another blog post soon! 


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