Kids, Hubby, Cook, Clean, Write, FEIS!!!

My whole body hurts today. Maybe vacuuming everywhere on top of all the usual chores wasn't such a good idea this morning, but at least the carpet is clean!

Last night, I went to my Irish Dancing class, and it was so helpful but intense! It was only me and another student (a very sweet high school girl), so my teacher was able to focus on what we needed to work on before the Feis (Irish Dancing competition). I knew all my steps, but making sure my feet are pointed and reaching up to my lower back during my skip-2-3s or leap-2-3s.... those are among the things I need to work on! I am feeling a little nervous because I'll be competing against 10 or so other beginner adult dancers. I really want to make my school, Dillon Magh Adhair Academy, proud since they have only just started the adult class. I did pretty well in feiseanna when I was a teenager, but it's been about 10 years since I've been in one.

I need to remember that even if I don't place amazingly well, I still love dancing and being part of a feis. It really is exciting to be there, with all the other dancers and teachers. You feel part of a special community that is driven by love of the dance. It's great, and now that I am an adult and a parent, it's awesome that I have a chance to be part of something like that. My husband is coming and I can't wait for him to see me dance! He has no idea what to expect, haha. :D

I wanted to write out a list of what I need to work on before the competition. I have a week and a half, which will go by fast. I'm so busy with my kiddos and our home that the days fly by.

--Hamstring exercises
--Practice second part of my Light Jig slowly and make sure my feet are turned out after I do the cuts
--Turn-out exercises
--Practice leap-2-3s slowly to make sure my feet are turned out when I land and that my back foot is pointed up and reaching for my lower back
--Work on keeping toes pointed and "lift up" as my teacher says
--Switch points! Make sure there is a diamond between my feet

So, I have a lot to work on during my evening practice sessions. It's good that I know my steps, but incorporating the techniques and everything will take a lot of work. I have my outfit ready, which is nice, and need to make a list of what to pack and bring to the feis. I love making fun lists like that! ;)

In writing news, I was able to work on my fantasy work-in-progress novel yesterday. I'm relieved that I can still find a little time here and there to move the story along. All these things, like writing and Irish Dancing, require discipline to find time to work on them, and passion to keep going! And yes, the title of this blog post refers to what is going on in my head these days. :D (Irish Dancing and the Feis are taking up a lot of space in my head these days! ;D)

Any other adult Irish Dancers out there? It's a wonderful sport and very cultural as well. If you want some more info about how to get started, let me know! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions! Take care all!


  1. Good luck with your competition! ^ ^

  2. Thank you!! :) I'm so excited! Less than a week to go!


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