My Name is Ophelia and I am a Notebook Hoarder!

My name is Ophelia and I am a notebook hoarder. 

I admit it. I love beautiful notebooks with colorful covers and creamy smooth pages. I usually don't even write in them; I just love having them for their beauty and their infinite possibilities.

On top of one of my (many) bookshelves, I stacked up my notebooks to take a picture. The crazy thing is, I actually have more then just those, but for some reason they didn't make it into this picture. I've received some as gifts and others I bought myself, entranced by their loveliness. Notebooks can be glorious, and for a writer they represent so much. The empty pages are aching for ideas, scraps of poetry, names for characters, bits of dialogue that won't leave your mind. 

Some of my favorite notebooks are ones I've bought from Japanese bookstores or stationery stores. The pages are so silky and the covers are always fun to look at. I also love notebooks featuring art from artists I admire, such as Tove Jansson or Melissa Redondo. When my husband and I were still dating, he bought me a gorgeously detailed leather owl notebook from Barnes and Noble. To this day, seven years later, I still can't bring myself to write in it.

One of these days, I will start filling these amazing notebooks with my ideas and inspirations, but for now just looking at them makes me feel hopeful. In these busy times as a stay at home mom of three, I am happy to know that I have these great tricks of the trade ready for me. ;) 

Fellow writers and artists, what things do you love to collect? 


  1. I love notebooks too. ^ ^ I just bought this Mockingjay one for only a dollar. It's so cool. ^ ^ I also like collecting glass bottles. I plan to decorate my eventual nice kitchen with them. I found so many DIY vids for them.


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